Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Epic Winter & Holiday Stuff!


There's LOTS of new stuff at Epic this December! I've finally released my Kawaii Knit Monkey & Elephant Chapkas, AND Knit Digi Warmers today, YAY! It's been pretty hectic the past week, so I'm running a little late... I wanted to release these this past weekend, but better late than never! I did however manage to put out my VIP group gifts, so here we go! Oh, and it's Grenade Free Wednesday too!

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Get these for 100L @ the Jersey Shore sim, now through December 9th (in case you miss it today), and save 79L too! These adorable Monkey Chapkas come in 14 different colors, and since white is my favorite at the moment, why not put this new release on sale?

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AND also for Grenade Free Wednesday, you can get these for 100L @ the Jersey Shore sim, now through December 9th and save 189L too! These new Knit Digi Warmers come in 14 different colors, and also come with and without hooves, AND hooves and details in black and brown to match the new Chapkas. Just click below for an SLurl to the sim!

(Click above for a SLurl to the Jersey Shore sim.)

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My Kawaii Knit Elephant Chapkas come in 6 different colors, and I would have to say grey is my fave!

And now for some holiday newness!

Santa Baby!

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These Santa Baby Dresses come in 3 different colors with black tape pasties, are on all layers, AND has a fully modifiable sculpted skirt. Epic VIP Group members get these dresses for free this month! Now on to VIP gifts!

(Click above for an SLurl to the main store!)

This month along with the dresses, VIP members get 10 other exclusive gifts! Since there's soooo many, I will only post a few favorites. The Kitchy Kristmas Succubus Ears are definitely one of my favorites! They are fully mod with an 8 skin tone texture changer with cute little Christmas wreath earrings. I totally love them!

And since the holidays are coming up, I wanted to make a Christmas version of my Knit Digi Warmers just for my VIP members! These have the same bells and whistles but has little matching Christmas wreaths at the knees. You can also get these in the main lobby of the store.

And finally Christmas Snowman Huggies! There's 2 different kinds under the Christmas tree as gifts but this Christmas one is my favorite! These come with a hug animation and glitter and snow sparklies! There's also Christmas Stocking Noms with candy cane givers, Demon Santa Hats with blinking Christmas lights all under the tree just for you! Anyway, that's it! I really hope you enjoy all of the new stuff. I still have a lot more events I'm in this month, so that means more prizes, gifts and exclusives, yay! And I want to make some matching cozy outfits to match the knits, and some new fantasy skins, I think it's about time I made some new ones, I have a few ideas on some. Ok, until next time, toodles!


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