Friday, December 02, 2011

Epic Holiday Exclusives!

(Click above for a SLurl to FTLO Black Market.)


Wow, there's sooo much going on! First, since Apple will be discontinuing their MobileMe service next June, I now have migrate ALL of my images from this blog to my new Imageshack paid account. So since I'd have to pay for a new image hosting service, I figured that I might as well buy a new domain name too! So here's! It will take a few months (hopefully sooner) to transition all the previous photos before this post, but now all of my images will be coming from Imageshack. I really like the service so far too! I 1st looked into seeing if I could use my Flickr Pro account, but apparently using it for site image hosting violates Community Standards, so I didn't want to take a chance. Okies with all of that said, on to new holiday exclusives!

(Click above for a SLurl to FTLO Black Market.)

New & exclusive for the FTLO Black Market! This month, all items by designers will be transferable & gift boxed for holiday gift giving! These Snowy Rickety Mushie Holiday Parasols come in 4 different colors (black, red, green & white), has particle snow you can turn on and off, scripted blinking Christmas lights, comes with and without animations and a candy cane nom giver. Each one is 100L and transferable with resize scripts!

(Click above for a SLurl to ZombiePopcorn's Dark Magic Winter.)

AND new & exclusive for ZombiePopcorn's Dark Magic Winter! This 2 week event has all kinds of designers with new exclusive items! I've made Festive Faun Legs in Black and Dark Brown & Decorative Demon Legs in Black exclusively for this event! All 3 are 199L(save 100L) each and comes with optional snow sounds, blinking lights, sparkles, a candy cane giver & hooves in black & brown.

(Click above for a SLurl to ZombiePopcorn's Dark Magic Winter.)

Okies, phew that's it! Now time to pack up this months VIP Group gifts and my next release. Until then toodles!


Posted by Jade Winthorpe at 1:00 AM

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