Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Military Stuff!

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As promised, new Military stuffs! I'm so happy that I've finally manged to get this out because Epic is in a lot of events this month, and there's sooo much to do! Anyway, these adorable Military Girl Sets comes in 9 different colors, has highly-detailed sculpted sleeves, collar, hats and epaulettes, and are on all layers. You can now find these in-world and on the Marketplace.

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In Grey...

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And if you're not looking for a full outfit and just the jackets, I made 3 cheapie fat packs of 3 colors!

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Robo Assault Rifle Peg Legs! Inspired by Grindhouse, I wanted to make mine a little different... So I decided to make them match my Robo-Digi Legs. Wear them any way you like! I put alpha layers and invisiprims this time around, to give you more options.

New skin singles! I've been wanting to make an Asian inspired skin for a while, and I FINALLY got around to it, yay! You can find the demos for these Tori skin singles at the main store.

Ears & horns, oh my! I've been wanting to make new eyes with a little more detail, and more importantly shadowed around the edges for depth. And I really liked how they turned out! These Piercing Eyes comes in 8 different colors and 2 styles (white and black eyeballs). And my lil' Twisted Succubus horns come in 8 different colors and new textures!

Phew, that's it! I hope I kept this short and sweet because I have another release on Monday for Perfect Wardrobe & the FTLO Black Market event. Until next time. Toodles!


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