Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grenade Free Grenades!


I've been wanting to say that for a while! First off I want to thank all the Bloggers who applied yesterday because I got a good turn out, and got some awesome Bloggers! Thank you! Ok, now onto the goods. It's another Grenade Free Wednesday and I gots the goods for you! To continue with my Military themed releases, I decided to make some kawaii grenade/bomb backpacks and bomb-noms! Each is priced really cheap for today, then I will set them to regular price after that. I hope you like them!

You can get this Grenade Bomb-nom for only 5L today @ the Jersey Shore sim, which also comes with an animated spark. Not sure what the regular price will be, probably around 15L, so get it while it's hot!

Now onto the backpacks! The backpacks come in 2 different styles, Grenade-Bomb shown above, and Bomb-Bomb shown below. Each has particle smoke and an animated spark which you can get for 40L each today! After that, they will be regularly priced at 99L.


(Click above for a SLurl to the Jersey Shore Sim!)

Okies, that's it! I hope you like this weeks GFW items! There's still so much to do and make, Ohhhhhh! A hunt that I'm in also started yesterday, don't forget to check Epic notices for details. Until next time, toodles!


P.S. - Epic moved 2 shops to the left @ the Jersey Shore sim, so don't forget to update your landmarks!

Posted by Jade at 1:52 AM

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