Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grenade Free Cuteness!


It's Grenade Free Wednesday and I've made some new recolors of my Kyoot Pocket Denim Shorts! Each pack comes with 4 new colors and are on all layers for 75L a pack.

I've been wanting to make some recolors for a while and finally got around to it! I'd like to consider that my 1st pack was the "Essential" colors, so this time around I made the usual "Yummy" & "Fun" color pack to complete the set. Anyway, I hope you like them!

(Click above for a SLurl to the Jersey Shore Sim.)

On a down note, today I've decided to drop the Grunge Soul Project. Sadly, it really wasn't a good fit for me. With all the projects I tend to do on a regular basis, I only have time to be part of the ones that are organized and that run smoothly. Sorry. So if you are looking for grunge exclusives, no worries! I'm still part of a few projects that focus on grunge. Okies, that's it! Lots more stuff coming REALLY soon! ZombiePopcorn, FTLO and Epic VIP Group Gifts! Yay!


Posted by Jade at 1:51 AM

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