Sunday, October 02, 2011

October is here!

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Phew, October is here and I have soooo much new stuff that I couldn't put it all in this post! Anyway, I know a lot of you look forward to the new exclusives I put out ever month so this month's VIP group theme is Halloween of course! All kawaii and all exclusive just for you!

So let me start with the regular releases... Okies, I FINALLY finished those Baggy Fleece Sweaters I've been working on for a while! It took me so long because I wasn't really liking them, and wanted to get them right first. Well, I'm happy to say now I like them and they have been officially released!

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They come in 12 colors (3 fat packs of 4 colors) and has sculpted sleeves and a bottom sweater prim that is fully modifiable so you can make them as baggy as you want!

When I released my Pocket Leg Warmers last month, I had a customer ask me if I planned on making a pawed version. Since these leg warmers come without hooves I figured why not make some Storybook Paw add-ons? These paws come in 12 colors (the colors of my Faun/Digi legs) in 3 cheapie fat packs of 4 colors for only 59L each. At the moment you can only get these @ the main store in-world. Now onto the holiday stuff!

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I wanted to make an updated version of my Pumpkin Dress I made last year. I wanted it to be sexier and have more color options, so this dress (which Epic VIP Group Members gets for free), comes in 3 different colors and comes with a naughty & nice dress top versions. I didn't want to make this dress exclusive because I know people will be wanting to buy it, so I decided to stop the questions before they were asked lol. But it's ok though, VIP members will just get a little something extra this month! Now onto the exclusive VIP gifts!

I made this exclusive backpack just for VIP members! It's adorable and has falling pumpkin particles!

Along with the skin you see in this ad, I decided to make my Baggy Fleece Sweaters in orange too! Get this and this skin in tan and mocha tones as this months gifts and lucky board prizes too! And now for October events! I'm in sooo many events this month, that I'm glad that they start at different times so I won't get too overwhelmed! Anyway, 2 of the events I'm in this month starts now... The Jersey Shore's Fright Night Hunt, and Cupcakes The Great Pumpkin Hunt both are AWESOME sim wide Hunts that both just started so grab some friends and have some fun!

(Click image above for a SLurl!)

(Click image above for a SLurl!)

*Sighs* Okies, that's it for now, I'm really tired! So have fun & Happy Hunting! Grenade Free Wednesday is happening this week, and I got something for ya that's new unisex too! So until next time. Toodles!


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