Saturday, October 22, 2011

Henleys, High-Waisted Jeans and Succubus Ears, Oh my!


Finally my next big release is here! This time around, I made some skin single cheapies, Succubus Ears, High-Waisted Jeans for all, and some very sexy open Henleys! I'm gonna try and keep this short and sweet since there's a lot to cover... Ok, onto the releases!

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I wanted to make some sexy shirts to go with my new High-Waisted Jeans, so I came up with these! These Open Henleys comes in 12 different colors (3 fat packs of 4), comes in basic and striped styles and are on all layers!
I would have to say that the Striped Essential Pack is my favorite at the moment.

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Basic Yummy Pack... Now for the new skins!

VIP Group members got a little taste of these as a gift this month, see I've been getting tired of blonde hair so I thought it was time to make something for black. Anyway, this is my favorite skin at the moment and you can find the demos at the main store. They come in 5 different tones and come with and without cleavage.

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Now for some High-Waited Jeans! These new jeans come in 2 styles Story shown above, and Classic shown below, are in 4 different washes, comes with and without hooves, and has hooves in black and brown. My goal is to start making all of my clothes with more options, as in with and without hooves. So any avatar could wear anything they want. I also plain on selling hoove-free versions of all my Faun/Demon boots and stockings down the line.

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Classic in blue...

And finally ears! These new Succubus ears have the usual skin tone texture changer, but I also added a texture changer to the snake ring version. You can change the snake rings 12 different colors, so you can match them to anything you like! Phew, well that's it for now. Look for some of these in exclusive colors coming to you on Grenade Free Wednesday. Until then, toodles!


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