Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Grenades and Dark & Twisties!


I've been working hard bring LOTS of things for all kinds of events this month! So I will try to make this short and sweet because there's lots more to come! This week, I started my 1st round in the Grunge Soul Project, and I have something new for Grenade Free Wednesday! Above is my exclusive for GFW this week. Get this Rotten Pumpkin Dress for 75L @ the Jersey Shore sim today because after that, it will poof forever! The top comes with a naughty and nice version. So get it while it's hot! Click the sign below for a SLurl.

(Click above for a SLurl!)


Now onto the Grunge Soul Project! This is a week long event that has new rounds starting every Tuesday. With this event, I will be concentrating on more unisex stuff & stuff for Men. So this round I made some unisex Demon/Faun Bloody Murder Boots! These boots come with hooves in black & brown and is accented with murderous knives perfect for some Halloween horror! Get these for 100L then they will be regularly priced after this round. Just click below for a SLurl.

(Click above for a SLurl!)

Well that's it for now, look for my next release and the Zombie Popcorn Hunt 5 this weekend, so there's lots of cute stuff to come. Toodles!


Posted by Jade at 2:16 AM

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