Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grenade-Free Goodies and Gatchas AGAIN!


It's Grenade Free Wednesday & I have some goodies for you! And, the Depraved Nation Street Fair just started so I even have some more goodies, all 35L or less! Woot! First for Grenade Free Wednesday I made very cute Kawaii Baddie Candy Corn Backpacks in 4 different colors! All are 35L each and has falling pumpkin particles!



Brown... Click below for a SLurl.

(Click above to visit the Jersey Shore Sim!)

And now onto the Depraved Nation Gatcha Street Fair...

(Click above for a SLurl to the Depraved Nation Sim.)

These come in 8 different colors for 29L a try, with resize scripts and you can transfer them to your friends! Phew! Ok, that's it for now... I will be finally releasing those some new skins & some other sexy items this weekend. Stay tuned!


Posted by Jade at 3:06 AM

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