Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jump Into Saturday Night Fevah!


Phew, I love this time of year, too bad my sinuses don't. :p Anyway, it's Epic's turn for Saturday Night Fevah and I made some cute new Fancy Faery Pogo Sticks! These highly detailed pogo sticks are accented with ivy, acorns & mushrooms. I really hope you like them!

They come in 10 different colors with an 11th exclusive color for only 40L today, then it will poof! So save 89L today! Each pack comes with 3 pogo sticks (jumping, static and no animations). AND you can turn animations on and off by typing a few simple commands in local chat.

Like my rickety mushie parasols, these come in 10 colors that are shown above. Anyway, that's it for now. A lot of exclusive will be coming your way really soon, so watch out! until then, toodles!


Posted by Jade at 3:25 AM

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