Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Grenade-Free Parasols!


Man, it seems like this week is going really slow! Maybe it's because of the holiday and changes, you know people going back to school and such. Anyway, it's Grenade-Free Wednesday again and I have some new stuff! This week, I've made some of my color changing Fae rain parasols (Strange Daisy & Rickety Mushie) in 2 new colors only for GFW! Get them for 85L or less today, then these exclusive colors will poof forever! Some of you missed my Rickety Mushie Parasol item for Saturday Night Fevah a couple of weeks ago, so I figured what not give ya a chance to get another one?!

Enjoy! Just click below for a SLurl.

(Click above to visit the Jersey Shore sim.)

I may be taking a break this week, been feeling a little burned out, so we'll see, I just bought Borderlands and have been playing it with Justin on the Xbox, it's a lot of fun, even though I suck at 1st person shooters lol. Ok, until next time, toodles!


Posted by Jade at 11:30 AM

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