Saturday, September 03, 2011

Back to School!

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It's the beginning of September and phew, I finally got this released! I've been wanting to redo my old school uniforms for many, many, MANY months! And yay, they are finally finished and released! So my old Keiko Kutie School Uniforms have officially been discontinued, you won't even find them on the Marketplace anymore. And since school is starting up for so many people, I figured why not make Back to School this months theme for the VIP group too? So here we go! Available in 8 different colors, this 22 piece set has lots of clothing options, and has been especially made for the more curvy girl in mind. You can go from cute to very sexy with just a few quick & simple clothing changes! I was trying to go for light costume play, so I don't think these are appropriate for any Harry Potter RP. But anyway, I hope you like them!

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Grey... And now on to this months VIP group gifts!

These exclusives won't be sold @ the store ever! Just reminding ya! This is an exclusive color of my new uniforms just for you VIP members.

Cute Kawaii Happy Lunch bag nom-nom! This is in the lucky board this month!

And finally another exclusive gift, a Book n' Kawaii Koffee Prop, it has particle steam too! Well that's it for now. It's Labor Day Weekend, and I'm ready to relax. *Sigh* So I hope you have a nice holiday, and good luck to you & yours for school. Toodles!


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