Friday, August 12, 2011

Zip it!

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I'm posting my blog early before my release tonight (you can get the new dresses on the Marketplace right now though), because I'm bored and excited! See, I bought a new 23" monitor yesterday and it will be getting here sometime today! I'm going from 1680 x 1050 to 1920 x 1080, woot! I already got my wallpaper picked out too! I will be able to see more things at once, which works out because mt Zbrush and Blender books got here the other day so I will be cracking those open next week. Lot's of changes are happening! Yay! Anyway, this week I made new skin singles, way too cute Succubus horns and very sexy barely there zipper dress sets! So here are my favorites, I hope you love them as much as I do! Now onto the good stuff...

(Click on the image above to buy online.)

(Click on the image above to buy online.)

I've been wanting to make dresses that will go with my new classic and storybook garter socks I made in my last release, and finally got around to it! These super sexy Barely There Zipper Dress sets come in 12 different colors, are on all layers and comes with low-cut black fishnet leggings. I absolutely love them! In PhotoShop, I made sure to give the colors more pop, so they can be bold and vibrant, I just love color! Oh and the skirt is fully modifiable, and low-cut in the back for all kinds of tails.

(Click on the image above to buy online.)

(Click on the image above to buy online.)

Now for skins! I made 2 new skins this week, Selene and Elvie (I really love the name!). Selene & Elvie both have new lips and highlights! Selene has blonde eyebrows, and Elvie has Brown, both come in 5 different skin tones, comes with and without cleavage, and has Dark Haze makeup. Elvie is my favorite at the moment, which I also used for the my new dress ads.

You can see these skin demos in the Skin, shapes, and eyes section of the main store in-world.

And finally, horns!

I love horns, but haven't been feeling like wearing any lately until now! I wanted some really cute small and simple horns to wear, and I've finally made ones that I truly love! I hope you like them too. They come in 2 fat packs, warm & cool, each only 79L and only available in-world. Phew! Okies, that's it for now, I'm exhausted and still waiting for the UPS guy, my sleeping schedule is so out of whack at the moment. Anyway, I will send out my group notices and post on Flickr later tonight with this new release. So until then, toodles!


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