Friday, August 26, 2011

Rainy Days, Parasols & Hoodies!


This is a very appropriate post since Hurricane Irene is on it's way! I'm lucky though because I'm more inland here in NC so it looks like all we're gonna get is rain. Yay! Anyway, lots of new cuteness just for you! Last week, I got an idea for new mushroom parasols! I made sure there weren't any decent ones on the Market before I got started. I hate to say it, but the ones on the Marketplace were pretty lame. As in, taking a builder's mushroom pack sculpt, throw a hold script and animation, and call it a day lame. Of course I had to make something that was bright, fun and highly detailed and special! So introducing my new Rickety Mushie Raining Parasols!

These new parasols are available in 10 different colors (with a special exclusive color, keep reading), in which you get 2 parasols with and without hold animation, and has scripted color changing rain you can turn on/off. I'm really excited about these parasols, a lot of love went into them! These are priced 199L each, and since they are my most detailed parasols as of yet, I've decided to reduced the price of my flower (daisy & lily) ones to 179L. Yay! Oh and fat packs where you save 50% are available for all parasols.

(Click image above to buy online.)

Now onto hoodies! These are available in 12 different colors in 3 affordable fat packs! They come with sculpted hoods and sleeves, AND are on all clothing layers. You can find these at the main store and the Marketplace. Now do you have Saturday Night Fevah?!!

Saturday Night Fevah has been relaunched and I'm lucky enough to be in the 1st group relaunching it tomorrow! In case you don't know, every week, group members (fans) of Saturday Night Fevah will receive a notice containing a notecard with the weeks participating vendors. The participating store will have a special 40L item located in the front of their store from 12am Saturday Morning until 11:59pm on Saturday night. These special items will be new and exclusive, so you get lots of nice high quality items for cheap prices! So, since I'm in love with my parasols, I made a special peach color just for this event! So after Saturday it will poof, and the remaining 10 colors will only be available for purchase, so grab it fast!

And finally some new skins! See, 2 weeks ago when I thought SNF was starting and Epic had to put something out, I made these lol. So, now you get 3 items for 40L each! These special Elvie Dolled makeups comes with and without cleavage, and comes in tan and mocha. Demos are available too. Phew! That's it. Have fun, and hopefully you have no worries form Hurricane Irene if it's coming your way. Until next time, toodles!


Posted by Jade at 9:39 PM

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