Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grenade-Free Goodies and Gatchas!


Wednesday is almost here and boy do I have some goodies for you! Not only is it another Grenade-Free Wednesday chocked full of goodness, but the Albero Gatcha Festival Series Two starts as well! Sooo much new stuff ranging from 1L to 179L! Soooo onto the new stuff!

I wanted to make some kind of adorable clothing for you guys for the Festival, so I made these way too cute kawaii baseball tees! But before I started, I really didn't want to wear the jean shorts I already have at the store, so I made new ones of course!

Get these for the GFW Preview price! Only 75L. I also have an idea for new Faun legs this week, so I made a variation of my zipper dresses I made last week for them. (We'll see how that goes!) These are shiny and comes with black fishnet leggings and are on all layers.

Also only 75 which will go back to full price in my next release. (Spinal horns will be available this weekend.) Fun and Essential color packs will come out soon too!

(Click image above to get the SLurl!)

Okies now for the Albero Gatcha Festival! For Series Two I wanted to make a Tree version of my Gardener Travelers backpacks I made for Series One. Like the flower backpacks, these also have a tongue that sticks out at you and an animated flying butterfly!

(Click image above to get the SLurl!)

These come in 3 different tree styles and comes in 3 seasonal colors. Get these @ the Festival for 179L a try.

Kawaii tees! These come in 12 colors and is on the shirt layer. Only 19L a try!

And finally kyoot nerdy glasses! A gatcha dollarbie! These come in 12 colors and matches Epic's clothing colors. Ok, that's it! Oh I almost forgot to mention, the Albero gatcha items are transferable. Once this event of over, I will have the backpacks available on the Marketplace and at the main store with different permissions, and I'll probably be adding these gatchas to the gatcha area. Anyways, that's it for now I'm sleepy. Toodles!


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