Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Cuteness!


So it's been a while! I took a little break, but I'm back with some very cute new stuffs! Woot! So here's the anatomy of this weeks release: I was cruisin' the Marketplace and found this denim jumpsuit kind of thing that I thought was neat, and decided why not try a hand at making overalls for Faun of course! After I made them, I decided to make a shorts version for you other avs out there. I then decided I should make something to go underneath but what? Well my best friend recommended I should watch Cougar Town (lol they hate the name too) because it's hilarious. Well mind you, it is! Anyway the character Laurie says: "Ive never been to Ohio. I just love this shirt because the O's highlight my boobs and it says Hi in the middle." I LOVE IT! So I made some. Yay! And finally I was getting SICK of my old Demon tails, so I trashed them and made some new ones. I hope you likey!

(Click above to buy online.)

These come in 4 different denim washes and has hooves in black and brown, oh and are on all layers.

(Click above to buy online.)

These also come in 4 different denim washes and are on all layers.

(Click above to buy online.)

I LURVE these tees! They come in 3 fat packs of 4 colors and are also on all layers.

And finally tails! These come in 3 different styles and are available @ the main store and comes with 2 tails in grey and flesh tones for easy skin matching. Oh and YES they are FULLY modifiable. Phew that's it for now! I will be making a special edition version of one of the items above for Cupcakes 50L Sunday Special event on Sunday so stay tuned! Oh and the Relay for Life Relay is this weekend, so go out and have some fun! Toodles!


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