Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hunt & Bake Sale Newness!


It's Sunday again and that means it's time for Cupcakes Bake Sale! I whipped up some newness for you that's 50L each, and will go back to full price Monday evening. Also I'm in the For the Love off... Summer Scavenger Hunt that starts tomorrow and I made a really cute prize! This hunt is different from the normal SL hunt. There are no hunt objects or a hunt list. It's a vendor that already exists at my store that is priced 1L. So good luck, you can find it within 30m from the teleport point. Okies happy hunting!

(Click image above to buy online.)

These sexy stayed halter tops also come with black tape pasties and are on all layers. I hope you like! =)

(Click image above to buy online.)

(Click image above to buy online.)

Yay for hunts! Anyway that's pretty much it, now I'm wrapping up some ADORABLE new backpacks that I made for the Albero Summer Gatcha Festival which starts Wednesday. After that it's on to Mesh! I took that silly mandatory test LL has you take so you can upload Mesh to the grid. Now it's time to learn it, woot! So from now until the end of August between making stuff I will be hitting the ground hard in order to learn Mesh. *Crosses fingers* Ok that's it for now, toodles!


Posted by Jade at 10:46 AM

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