Sunday, June 12, 2011



Sorry this post is late but Friday I badly sprained my knee, so much that I couldn't even sit in my desk chair for more than 15 minutes. Anyway this was Friday's release, if I didn't hurt myself I would have made more, I was going for another new sci-fi outfit. Also a neat one for Cupcakes 50L Sunday Special, but sadly I have to put that off until next week. Anyway, I made skins and FINALLY understand how to make eyes, so I made a bunch of new ones too! Oh and I threw in some cute lil' Succubus horns for good measure. Ok, here it is!

People have been requesting some skins without teeth so here you go! Of course skins aren't really my main focus, there's a bunch of skin designers that do amazing thing, I like to think mine are decent and affordable starter skins. Anyway I made skins with 3 different color eyebrows, red, blonde and black. These skins come in 5 different tones and have my favorite makeups. I'm just happy to have more options I can wear in my clothing ads, yay!

I retired my Miriel skin set for now... Mila will be my focus, I plan on making a entire makeup pack soon! Oh and all skins are now 279L, skin makeup packs 659L and shapes 159L. (Skins come with and without cleavage.)

Eyes and horns, oh my! I made a bunch and these are my faves, there's a lot more at the store too. *Sigh* Ok, that's it for now, it's back to the couch and netflix for me, have to rest my knee. Toodles!


Posted by Jade at 9:49 AM

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