Sunday, May 08, 2011

The countdown begins...


This has been a crazy week! Allergy season has been kicking my ass all week, so I couldn't get my work done like I wanted to since my next release will be Fae Faire's relaunch. Soooo I had to finish it up just in time for today. Yay! Anyway, the countdown begins! I'm revamping Fae Faire and Vanima Nore just in time for the RFL Home & Garden Expo so I have LOTS to do! Sadly, Ravyn has officially left SL, so I have to get rid of her stuff which i will also be doing this week. Anyway, I've been bit by the building bug so here's this weeks LATE release. This is gonna be very short and sweet!

I've been debating on whether I like sculpted tops or not, can you tell who won? Anyway these come in 12 colors and in 3 cheap fat packs.

I've been meaning to make add-ons to my digi/faun/demon legs, so here they are! they are onyl 25L each and comes in lots of different styles and colors.

Woot, VIP exclusive gifts, here are my faves.

See I told you it will be very short and sweet. Ok, now off to build, the RFL Home & Garden Expo is in 5 days!


Posted by Jade at 10:03 PM

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