Friday, April 22, 2011

Meep, meep Spring & Easter Stuffs!

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Meep, meep because I did this so fast! lol Justin has his family staying with us for the Easter holiday but luckily I was able to gun this out! Anyway, I wanted to do something inspired more from Spring rather than Easter so you can wear it all year around. So here it is, oh and more stuff too! I don't get to relax much so right now I'm having a few coronas so I will keep this short! Because it's a holiday weekend and I want to relax. hehe!

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These dresses comes in 8 vibrant colors inspired by Spring! With color changing bows, ribbons and accents, these dresses will give you lots of different colors and looks all in one! These outfits are definitely not for children! I say this because I mean it. It's great that some of my clothes and accessories can go outside my demographic goal, but this outfit is intended for adults. If you can find a suitable undershirt to go under it, I say go for it! But I specifically made these to be low-cut.

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I absolutely loves these! And this is the 1st clothing set using Epic's color picker HUD.

Digi stockings! I finally made some for Bunnies, Neko & Kitsune! I plan to make more since it seems you guys like these so much. These come in black and white, with and without color changing bows.

And of course I had to make ears! These twitch ears come in Epic's 12 animal colors that I already have, in cheapie fat packs. Yay!

And finally, a 2011 exclusive gift! I haven't made anything for everyone in a while. So here you are! Ok, I'm done now, Happy Easter and next release will be for my sweet wee Fae! Have a great weekend!


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