Saturday, April 02, 2011

Fantasy Faire, Evil Bunny Hunts, VIP Gifts, oh my!


As promised, here's all the new goodies I got for ya! This months VIP Group theme is winged things! All these adorable kawaii items are in celebration of all the new kawaii demon & butterfly chibi wings and backpacks out now and at the moment you can ONLY get @ the Fantasy Faire!

This is the VIP Group exclusive Kawaii Baddie Cuppycake Backpack. It has cute kawaii falling stars and sparklies! I think this is my favorite version of the backpacks! However, I did make some happy cuppycake backpacks that come in 6 flavors and you can only get @ the Faire, but this one is definitely hardcore!

I would say this is my favorite of the lollipop backpacks. Grapefruit is yummy and I just love these colors! I made these backpacks in 8 different flavors.

And of course I had to make kawaii mushies! These come in 8 different colors, and has cute falling mushrooms too!

Cheapie Ivy antlers! I must admit that I prefer these to regular horns, I think they are interesting to look at and very natural. A little dryad like too! They come in 4 different leaf colors, and are fully mod so you can tint them to get interesting colors, and move them any which way!

Out with the old, and in with the new! Kawaii Demon Chibi Wings! I retired my old wings and made a bunch of new ones with my color picker HUD and 5 texture particle changer. You can get Pixie dust, stars, hearts, skulls and flowers all with some simple chat commands! These come in 10 different colors, and I have purple in the RFL vendor at the Faire.

I got rid of my old demon chibi wings, damn straight I had to make some new butterfly ones too! These also come in 10 different colors (purple in the rfl vendor too) and has all the good stuff my new wings have too.

Yep, chucked my old Fae Menu Magic Wings and made new Flapping Faery Wings! For now I took my old favorites and made them flap! They also have my color picker HUD and particle texture changer. They come in 10 different styles and you can get them @ the Faire or the main store!

And finally the Evil Bunny Hunt! I had to make a naughty prize so this is what I whipped up! For more info drop by my storefront where all my event posters are. Ok, that's it for now! I'm tired! Happy hunting, happy shopping and go relay! Until next time!


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