Saturday, April 16, 2011

Depraved Spring Madness is HERE!


I've been taking a break this week now that most of the RFL fairs are done with... Home & Garden Expo is next month, woot! Anyway, I've been playing Forsaken World with Justin (aka Aranel) and we love it. So after this weekend I will be back at it, I have some Fairy revivals in the works. You'll see! Anyway, of course I couldn't leave you without a little somethin' somethin'! So yay! The Depraved Spring Madness Hunt is here, and here's my prize! Since my Pim noms are so popular, I had to make one for Spring! This is EXCLUSIVELY for this hunt, so get it now while it lasts! The hunt started yesterday, and ends next month on the 15th. There's tons of great designers AND it's a unisex hunt! So good luck and happy huntin'! Just click the sign above to get the SLurl in-world. Or just click the sign @ Epic on the events board. Have fun!


Posted by Jade at 6:11 AM

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