Friday, April 01, 2011

Fantasy Faire 2011 is FINALLY here! Woot!

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Fantasy Faire 2011 is here! As I said before, I am so happy and honored to not only be a part of the event again this year, but to be on the RFL team Friends Fighting Cancer who makes this Faire sooo amazing! So all the months of work finally comes to fruition! Yay! It's amazing to see all the stuff I've made this past year, most of everything in my faire stall didn't exist a year ago and it feels great! I've been working really hard to bring you high quality stuff and I'm glad I can use it to help ACS and Relay for Life! Anyway, next post will be about all my new releases, but for now Faire pictures! I'm in the Forest of Light sim, and I LOVE the build this year. I'm in the sim with some amazing designers, AND it's one of my favorite sims in the faire. Ok, now onto stall pics! Enjoy!

Since I have so much stuff now, I wanted to be a neater this year and less chaotic like it was last year. So there you have it! New stuff coming next post! Toodles!


Posted by Jade at 6:48 PM

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