Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The Albero Spring Gatcha Festival started today and I have some way cute new stuff for it! I made 8 new Sparkle Kawaii Strange Daisy Backpacks that exclusively match my Strange Daisy Fae Raining Parasols! These backpacks sparkle, has falling flower dust and adorable kawaii faces with a baddie face thrown in the mix! So here are my favorites!

Right now you can only get these @ the Festival. They are no copy, no mod (resize scripts), transfer, and after the Festival they will be copy, no mod (resize scripts), no transfer. So have fun! The Festival runs until June 1st. Okies back to work for my new release this weekend. Sorry but the Fae stuff got put off, lol I was inspired to make something else! Hehe.


Posted by Jade at 7:01 PM

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