Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I'm sucker punching you!


Took a break from skins & shapes to make this months VIP gifts! *Sigh* All I have to do now are the demos for all the skins and shapes, so it will be ready in a couple of days. Anyway, sucker punch! I've been waiting for this movie FOREVER and it's coming out this month, yay! I'm so excited!!!

Click here to check the official site out.

I made Babydoll's adorable dress in the movie. The cosplay community seems to be really embracing it, so I decided to bring it into SL. This outfit will not be sold @ the store or on the Marketplace, so get it while it's hot! The gift includes a dress and stockings. Now for skins...

Another skin teaser! I'm really loving my new skin collection and I think you will too! Babydoll is in the lucky board (and it's an exclusive skin that won't be sold at the store) as I speak and comes with and without cleavage. Okies, that's it for now. *Sigh again* tomorrow is demo day... It's just soooo tedious. :( Well, enjoy!


Posted by Jade at 3:27 PM

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