Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fashion For Life is almost here!

(Click image above to visit the official Fashion For Life site!)


So finally after months of hard work bringing you guys fresh designs weekly, Fashion For Life is only 2 days away! I've been working hard these past few months so I can put really nice stuff in the vendors to fight cancer. First off, in case you don't know, formerly known as the RFL Clothing Fair, Fashion for Life is the fashion arm of the Relay for Life movement in Second Life supporting the American Cancer Society. It was re-branded to offer a broader spectrum of things for your avatar. It ain't just clothes anymore! So... I have 5 items, 1 of which is a new release, that is totally top notch! I'm sooo excited, and I'm proud to say EVERYTHING in the store is new and was not in last years clothing fair. Man, I've been working hard. Anyway, Fashion For Life is the 1st event that will kick of the RFL charity season which runs from March to July. I am honored and feel very lucky that I can use my talent to participate in this event to help find a cure! Oh! And I almost forgot to mention that next month is the Fantasy Faire, and in May is the Home & Garden Expo, all events for Relay For Life that I will be in too! So I am very excited, and ready to go! My store, and RFL vendors are ready to go, so let's relay! Here's some pics to hold you over, this years theme is black & white, so all 9 sims are beautifully built and inspired by famous photographers! I'm in the Irving Penn sim. I will be posting the items for charity once the event is open. AND putting up pics of the fair during next week. Have fun and don't forget to donate!


Posted by Jade at 5:17 PM

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