Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Some Val-Day Lurve Swag!


It's February, and Valentine's Day is around the corner so of course this months theme for the Epic VIP group would be about love! Yay! So I made some extra adorable gifts for ya this month! Above is my Kawaii Huggie Heart. It's a cute kawaii heart with particle sparklies and hearts!

I decided that since I won't really be doing any Valentine's Day Stuff to sell at Epic, I would make 3 sexy dresses just for my VIP customers! These sexy henley shirt dresses work both as a very sexy short dress or a long shirt over jeans. I tried them both ways and I love these! I hope you do too! :)

And finally my Kawaii Val Heart Tongue Thing! Right now this is on the lucky board and it's sooo cute! I put some sparklies on it to make it extra special. Anyway that's it for now! Still working on LOTS of Faun, Neko and Kitsune boots and stockings for my next release on Friday. Don't forget the Valentine Diva Hunt started today and my prize it out for you! (See last post.) So happy early Valentine's Day and happy hunting!


Posted by Jade at 7:04 PM

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