Friday, February 04, 2011

Out with the old...

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And in with the new!


As promised my new Faun, Neko & Kitsune boots and stockings collection is here! I packed up all my old boots and stockings and they are now retired to the Marketplace for cheap! This new collection is now only for Viewer 2 compatible clients. I'm sorry but I want to be able to give you guys the best features SL has to offer, so no more invisiprims! *sigh* I'm really tired so this is going to be a VERY short post. More pics and less text. Anyway here are my faves, I have more but I didn't want this post exploding with pictures. Enjoy!

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One of my fave classic faun stocking upgraded. These use my new sculpts and textures for my classic Faun stockings. I say classic because it's similar to my original ones I made over a year ago.

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Yay storybook style! I always wanted tub socks done this way so I made em!

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Classic again...

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And FINALLY my snow boots! These still have the optional sound effects pack and trailing snow flakes, but this time around it's actually available on the Marketplace. Yay! I have Faun and Neko/Kitsune styles. Okies that's it for now!


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