Saturday, February 19, 2011

Goin' Wild, & Skinning like crazy!!!


That's right! New skins are a comin' and this is the preview gift exclusively for VIP members!
You can find it in the store lobby in the VIP section. I'm really excited about this new line, and it seems the VIP members are too! What does it all mean? Well, now all my old skins are on final clearance until the new skins come out. So you can shop until you drop!

I've been wanting to make Faun-like skins so here you go! Animali comes in 8 different tones and is waaaay cute!

(Click image above to buy online.)

Buy request! Ever since I revamped my prim jacket ads, I've been having customers ask about the shirts in them, so I packed it up and made them in 2 extra colors! Black, faun and white...

And finally WILD! It started with me wanting to make pink Faun, Neko, Kitsune ears, tails and horns, but then I decided I should make more! These new wild parts come in pink, purple, blue and green. Pink is here though because it's my favorite!

So that's it. I'm exhausted... I'm going to be working on LOTS of skins next week, but at the moment I have March's VIP Group gift on my mind... Hint: It's a REALLY AWESOME movie coming out next month. Woot! Anyway, until next time!


Posted by Jade at 8:57 PM

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