Sunday, January 30, 2011

I just Lurve Hunts & Tongue Things!


First I just want to apologize for forgetting to put the socks in my storybook faun stockings last release. Sorry! It's all fixed now and I combined through my transaction history and replaced them. Yay! Ok, Tuesday the Valentine Diva Hunt I'm in starts and ends February 28th. Above is my prize for the hunt a Special Edition Pim Stole My Heart Nom-Nom. The wings don't twitch since it's a freebie but it's way cute! Ok onto quick releases!

As I said quick because I whipped these up in a couple of hours. I got side-tracked see, making my new Faun boots for the new collection coming out Friday. (So far I have 12 new pairs! I will make a bunch more during the week so it will be a BIG release next weekend!) Anyway, I thought wouldn't it be cute to make tongues with all kinds of things on them? So here we are! I made 10 tongues called Tongue Things! and 3 of them were inspired by Val-day. They are tre kyoot, and only 30L in world! I'm not sure if I will put them on the Marketplace in the future, we'll see how it goes. Right now I'm wearing the pierced one since my tongue is pierced irl. Gah, ok that's all for now! Don't forget to stop by the store for the hunt info! I have it at the store entrance.

Happy hunting and uh licking? :D


Posted by Jade at 9:16 PM

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