Saturday, January 08, 2011

Grim, gloom and a new year!

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Hihi and Happy New Year!

This year my SL resolution will be to TRY keep things short and sweet. Sometimes too many words can just muddle things up, so I'm going to try and let my work speak for itself, hopefully you can understand lol. Anyway here goes! I have bunch of things I've just released and these are my absolute faves!

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I've been watching A LOT of Mad Men lately. I'm VERY addicted. I think this dress has a few elements throwing back to the 1960s, with a Suicide Girl twist. Anyway, these come in 8 different colors. not a bad start for 2011

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And so it begins. I decided to try a new approach to my Faun feet. Something different without giving up the fantasy feel to my usual fair. I believe this is the beginning of a very beautiful friendship. There's definitely more to come down this road.

It's hard to believe I did all this crap in 3 days, and this is where it began. I couldn't stand the way my old Faun ears, tails, and horns ads looked, and I've been meaning to do them all over, so I figured if I'm going to redo the ads I might as well redo them while I'm at it. (Meh run-on sentence. :p) So now my ears are fully mod, and come in 8 different colors with matching tails. Lots of styles too!

Yay new horns! I decided to go with a black theme in this post if you couldn't tell. All my old horns are trashed and now there's these and a bunch more. Now all horn styles comes in 5 different colors. Ok that's it. This is the shortest I can manage. Man I'm tired. :p But no worries, I have more work to get to, and I have so many things I want to make this month. So until next time!


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