Saturday, January 29, 2011

Faun & Folklore!

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I'm gonna keep this short because my sinusitis has been kicking my ass since yesterday. I actually made packaging mistakes this release and I've only done that once, I forgot to double check like I usually do but got side-tracked with stupid Marketplace issues. Where to begin, well 2 weeks ago my Grim Gloom Storybook Faun Stockings got flagged for being in the wrong category. Well I put them back up because my Faun boots have been in that category for almost 2 years without complaint. Well today I find that the item listing has been taken down and next to it says due to intellectual property issues. At this point I was wigging out because I created and invented all of it! I call AND talk to concierge and was told I need to write a letter to the LL legal department, now I'm REALLY angry. So, I decide to look on the merchant forums to see if anyone else had this issue, and sure enough there's a JIRA already out on it!

showing wrong reason for delisting + not warning merchants when flagged

I mean come on, if the listing is wrong (which it wasn't in my case) at the very least I should be told what listing it should be in. So what happened was since I ignored the flag the listing was then taken down and get this, their default reason they put up for ALL issues is violating intellectual property rights. Gah! Now on the same token this is becoming a big problem. People are starting to use flagging items as a form of griefing. As in flag them and since you do not get ANY notification from the commerce team via e-mail you have to keep checking your merchant page daily. I only found out my stockings where taken down when I was putting up new ones today and trying to use quick fill. I guess now I will just have to keep tabs on it more carefully. Ok, enough about that, onto the releases!

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I decided last week to retire my Woodland Elfin Dresses, even on the Marketplace, they were YUCKY! The only salvageable thing was the flower hair wreath, so I re-textured and reused it for this new outfit! These Flower Folk dresses come in 8 bright colors (a little brighter than I usually make so it was a nice change), and I think they are adorable! I wanted to make something fantasy, and of course Elves can wear it but I wanted Faun to be my focus.

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I would say yellow and teal are my absolute favorite! In the 1st picture of this post you see one of my new Fae parasols! These are extra special because Ara reworked the color changing Fae rain script to be less laggy, I also found a really nice new hold animation, AND decided to use more vibrant and electric colors this time around (the other ones were so washed out). So I absolutely love them!

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And finally new Faun stockings with Epic's NEW color picker HUD! Now you can choose any color you want for my accessories, shoes and animal attachments. So far I made these and redid some mary jane wedges, ballet flats and sneakers with these new scripts. So you know what that mean? Hell yeah, an overhaul on all my Faun boots and stockings! So you will definitely be seeing my new collection coming next month! I will be retiring and discounting all my old Faun boots to the Marketplace to make room for the new and improved ones coming out! I will be using new sculpts, textures an ideas to make them extra unique! Just wait and see! I'm really excited about the new coloring system, no more getting stuck with a set amount of colors! Ok I'm gonna go now, I need to rest even though my mind is on the new Faun/Neko/Kitsune stuff coming out soon. Sorry for the long post, I guess I couldn't keep it short lol. Also if there's spelling and grammar mistakes oh well I feel really icky. I think I've been working too hard lately. :p Anyway, until next time!


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