Friday, January 14, 2011

Catching Some Magic...

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I told you I had more stuff I wanted to work on! I figured it was about time I made some new Fairy outfits! This time around I wanted to give these Sparkle Fairy Queen outfits a cosplay (costume play) kind of feel, I think it's fun and flirty! This weeks release may be small but it definitely packs some punch, I haven't done full outfits in a long time so enjoy!

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I started out this week putting together this Frost Fairy outfit. I wanted to try a winter Fae outfit which is new for me. All of these dresses and prim attachments comes with oodles of subtle sparkling pixie dust to match. I also gave all the skirts the illusion of stuff falling of it (well I hope you see that anyway). So I would say right now this is my favorite out of the three!

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Why not passion? Since Valentine's Day is a month away, I made this outfit to celebrate the romantic holiday. I LOVE this one too! It's slightly inspired by my Queen of Hearts dress I made a year ago, I figured it was about time for a Fae version.

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Why not DOOM! After making the other two I decided to try to make one a little darker than my usual Fae Faire (hehe). I never really made a dark Fae outfit, this is definitely on the cute track but with a little itty bitty dark twist.

Ok, well that's it! As I was setting this new stuff out a customer at the store asked if we carried Neko ears, I had to turn them away since we discontinued them. WELL. I think I will make some Neko attachments next week, we'll see... I already wanted to work on more Faun stuff next week so I guess I will just see what happens. I never can predict what I create, it's sort of an adventure that way. Anyway toddles for now!


PS-Yay this was short and sweet but man am I tired!

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