Friday, January 21, 2011

Bringing Neko Back...

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Like promised from last weeks post I'm bringing Neko back! I have new Neko, Kitsune, and some abstract droopy ears and tails at the store! These ears and tails go really well with the more recent hair texture styles you'll find from Lamb, Friday, Magika, Elikatira, and Sixty-nine just ot name a few... No more tacky shiny hair textures from 2005! I think it's why I found the Neko attachments out there (before I made mine) to be soooooo TACKY. Those shitty shiny hair textures from 5 years ago are so ugly. Besides the best (and most successful) hair designers don't use textures like that anymore. And since all of you know where the best hair is at out there, I think you will really appreciate these new attachments! Ok, I also made some clothing too, but you don't really have to be Neko for them, they make great club clothes nonetheless. Alright, I'm done blabbering on, here's the favorites of the week!

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These Basic Belted Jacket sets comes in 8 different colors with lots of sculpt attachments (this is the 1st time one of my clothing outfits is using the new "add" feature). I also made cute cheapie matching boots which are also unisex! These sets comes with a jacket and a pair of hot pants and what's fun about them is you can wear as is or layer them with something else.

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Okies, I posted this one because besides black, yellow is my fave! It reminds me of a very sexy rain coat. Ok now on to the attachments...

So foxy! I'm wearing these and the tail below right now. I think I fell in love with Kitsune, way more than Neko. My goal is to bring the Kitsune revolution to SL!

Now this is very near and dear to me... These are my new Neko tails. I'll admit they are a little squirrely, but I was going for that cartoon cat bushy tail. I'm sooooooo tired of those flexi tails out there that whip around, I wanted to try something different so here it is! Anyway that's pretty much it! Man once again I'm exhausted. Still have lots more to do (store tweaking and redoing some ads), but anyway, lets see what I come up with next week! Toodles!!


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