Friday, July 30, 2010

A little less T, a lotta more A!

(Click image above to see on Xstreet!)


Well I'm going to try to keep the text short since I have more pics this week, lol I have a lot of faves! So the week started out with me trashing my old Skull Fetish ballet flats & stilettos. (The previous week I dumped the matching capris and jackets.) Anyway, so last Sunday I made all these new cute shoes and didn't have a thing clothing wise to go with them. After 2 days of disgruntled mumbling and trial and error, then trashing those errors I'd managed to whip these up. What can I say I LOVE them! Oh, lol forgot to mention the name, the collection is called Skully Bow and it's in 8 different colors. Ok here goes!

(Click image above to see on Xstreet!)

The Skully Bow Collection features turtleneck rompers, mini top hats, ballet flats, wedges, and Faun stockings. I kinda wanted to give them a little Steampunk feel with a kawaii twist, so I added kawaii skulls to the bows and flexi ties. What is special about these outfits is that I usually concentrate on making boobies look good, I never really made anything that accentuates the backside. So even though a lot of your avatar is covered, the romper is skin tight and shows a little crack in the back. And yeah your boobs still look good too! :p

If you remember, months ago I wanted to make a lot of stuff that was easy to mix and match with other things from Epic, and these definitely fit the bill! They go great with my kawaii chibi chibi boots and my smexy black lace gloves!

(Click image above to see on Xstreet!)

I loved this set so much I decided to feature the black set on Xstreet! Oh on a side note we upgraded out connection again to the fastest out there these days, Uploading is soooo fast too! So I uploaded a bunch of pics for the Xstreet pages instead of just have the regular lonely on pic up.

(Click image above to see on Xstreet!)

Now here's something new. These Faun stockings change 8 different colors and are exclusively matched to this collection! I didn't want to use the usual 15 color changer because not all the colors would have matched. So, I think from now on I will be making my themed Faun boots & stockings like this to make the Faun section of Epic more streamlined. Now for shoes!

I never really show shoes that much but I'm so happy with how these turned out. They can go with all kinds of other clothes too! You don't have to be locked into wearing them with the rompers.

So these pretties will now replace my old Skull Fetish shoes, not only do they look so much better, they are cheaper too! So now let's end on a sweet note!

Gacha, gacha, gacha! Last week I made these kawaii cuppycakes for Fae Faire that I wanted to put in nom-nom form. I think when I made the huge ones, the noms were want I really wanted. The kawaii faces are very similar to my kyoot toast nom-noms. Since y'all love those so much I figured why not? So you can find these for only 5L in a new Gacha vendor. Phew that's it for now! Now I'm off to watch the season premiere of Project Runway. I can't wait to see what kind of designers are on this season! Usually my fave wins, like Seth Aaron did last season! Oh and to play some Animal Crossing on my Wii too. So toodles and until next time! Oh and here's a quick hint for the next release, I'm thinkin' wings!


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Friday, July 23, 2010

Can I Get A YAY For Cosplay?!


Wow, I'm actually on time this week! The store is ready, the models are dressed, the notices have been sent and we're good to go! Woot! Ok, so I will try my very best to keep this short and sweet! As I hinted last week, I finally got around to redoing my Tinkerbell costumes! The old ones have been retired and deleted from Xstreet & the store, it's time to move on to better things I say! So now onto this weeks faves of this release! Above & below you'll see Epic's latest nom-nom that is inspired from the new outfits!

Just click above to see on Xstreet. My Tink's Tragic End Nom-nom has the usual, twitching wings you can turn on and off and falling Pixie dust, but the BEST part is the adorable Tinkerbell shoe. I just learned how to make sculpty prims into nano size so I used it here. I think it's sooo cute! Now onto the outfits!

These new outfits have a completely new look from the old ones. I made the ballet shoes with pearls this time around because the more recent drawings of Tinkerbell has pearls and not fuzzy poofs. But my absolute favorite part of these new fairy outfits would have to be the particle wand. Lol I had a hard time articulating what I wanted Ara to make particle-wise for the wand, but He managed to make every script I wanted though. After I finished it he was really surprised it came out so pretty, he thought it was going to be lame. :p His words not mine lol. Well just click below to see them in my Fairy Costume section on Xstreet. They come in 8 different colors and also includes flapping flexi wings, and a naughty and nice version of the dress in each set.

Ok, now onto some Anime, Manga, Sci-fi stuff!

I would have to say these are my favorite boots at the moment. And lately I've been REALLY into rompers. I plan on making a bunch more in the future! So I started the week with making these boots you see... My Black Bowie Chibi Chibi boots come with falling kawaii stars, pretty much made for smaller av's but I think they would fit giants too lol. The 2 clothing sets below were inspired by these boots. I was trying to go for something fantasy, futuristic and very cute. I love it, and I hope you do too!

Just click above and below to see these outfits on Xstreet. See, I wanted to do something really really cute and really really sexy, so I think these 2 sets accomplish that. They both come with sculpty bows with flexi ties that are also in the boots too.

Ok well that's it. I hope this was short enough for ya! Wow this month is wrapping up quick! Not sure what I will tinker with next week, but as promised the Flickr group and Epic Vip group will be coming your way very soon! So until then, have fun and stay cute!


PS- In case you didn't know what Cosplay was, it's short for "costume play".

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Doll Play & Some Good Ol' Relay...


That's right, another week has gone by, and as promised new stuff! It's also Relay For Life Weekend, so this release worked out perfectly with being able to put something new in my RFL vendor. Woot! So I hope you like the teaser pic above, I wanted to give it a creepy The Shinning feel. That's me and my evil twin. :p Meh we're both evil. Anyway onto the releases!

(Click image above to see on Xstreet.)

So alas my original Dolly Patches Outfit has been officially retired. Can you believe it's already been a year? I've been wanting to do some more doll stuff since I made dollie skins earlier this Summer and I've been playing around with ideas ever since. I was walking around the store taking a mental inventory of what needed to be upgraded and changed, or just plain trashed, when I got the idea to do Dolly Patches over. I love the concept, but I've gotten better at clothes over the past year so it was time to do it some justice. So, Epic proudly presents Dolly Patches Deux! This new outfit comes in 8 different colors, and has LOTS of options and some Faun accessories too! I'm really proud of it, but the work was a little time consuming. See, this set has sooo many pieces that even though I triple-checked everything, I really hope the are boxed right. LOL Here's hopin'! =) Just click the image above to see the Xstreet listing of what it all includes, I'm trying very hard to keep this post short.)

Now for my special RFL Vendor item.

Since purple is a Relay For Life color, I figured why use it as this a item for this weekends Relay? Doing this is very special to me, and I'm happy I can use my creativity to further cancer research. Since the weekend is the culmination of the RFL charity season, I think this will end it on a very nice note! You can see this dress in my RFL vendor at the main store and my team's campsite at the weekend long event. SO RELAY! Woot!

(Click image above to see on Xstreet.)

Doll keys anyone? I love doll keys, and I know it's nothing new, but I decided to put some falling heart particles in mine to make them a little different. They come in 4 different colors and you can turn the turning on and off with a simple click. I think gold is my favorite. =)

Dollie Faun! One of the best parts of this new outfit is the bloomer shorts. I always though bloomer shorts would be perfect for Faun. I plan on making a lot more in all kinds of styles this Summer too! Anyway, I made some Faun stockings to compliment these new outfits. There's garter belts in the pack to wear with all of Epic's Faun Boots. Just click the image below to see it better on Xstreet.

(Click image above to see on Xstreet.)

Ok, that's it for now! I'm gonna rest a little this weekend, maybe even hang out at the RFL sims with friends. But my head is already churning about next weekends release. One word: Fairy. Okies talk to ya soon!


PS- Oh and yes my blog got a new look. Like it?

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Drow wha? And 1 Linden Leeches!


This is the SECOND time I'm writing this entry because I lost the text. I'm rather upset about it but hey, what can you do? I wrote A LOT. I'm in the middle of cooking and I haven't eaten much all day so I'm hungry and very annoyed that this happened. Well, now I will try to keep this short and sweet since I have to talk about this release, and my plans for Epic in the future all over again. Ok next month I'm making a Epic VIP group. It will cost 250L to join, and my lucky boards will offer high quality gifts as prizes ONLY to the group and special discounts on exclusive items that will only be offered to this group as well. Why? Because I want to give back to the real Epic supporters. Don't get me wrong I'm happy people love my cheapies & dollarbies, but it really isn't fair to my customers who help keep Epic running and me going. You know the ones buying the stuff that's more than 1 Linden? Why should they be getting the same gifts and discounts as people just passing through? So there you have it. Oh and I will be making a Flickr group next month too! I already have an account, but I figure this will be a great way to get to know the creative side of my customers. Woot! Anyway, on to the releases! But before I start... Here's some pictures I messed with this release. Since this is all about Drow this week, I figured why not do something fun? This week I decided to go for a slightly futuristic feel to my images. See, I see Drow if there was no Eilistraee or Lloth, as sleek and sexy creatures who love fast cars and sexy clothes. So here they are!

Here you can see my Smexy Black & Bowie Gloves. I think they are this weeks favorite. :D Favorite pic too!

Is this fiction? It's the name of the image and I also really love this picture too. It kinda has a scifi feel to it. Anyway, NOW on to my favorite items of this release!

So I haven't been Drow since 2006. See I use to have lots of Drow skins but kinda stopped being Drow when the photo realistic trend started taking off in SL. So I just stopped wearing the ones I had. It wasn't until last month when I launched Epic Skins I decided we need some sexy skins out there. Good enough for me to want to be Drow again, and I LOVE them! I would say Dark Grey is my fave out of the bunch. The skin tone bundles comes in 6 tones, with 6 makeups and an extra cleavage skin for each. It's the standard I set for all my skins. So I couldn't have skins without making some clothes to go with them! So then I decided I should make some clothes to go with these skins, and then accessories, and then start to make too much for this release, so I had to stop myself. lol Ok, so just click these pics below to see them on Xstreet.

I never really made a pants outfit before, so I this will be the 1st. I think it's really sexy. I'm also wearing my favorite skin from the Drow collection, Dark Grey & Aqua Makeup. Ok, now dresses!

These Ribbon Halter Mini dresses has to be the most revealing EVER at Epic so far. They come in 6 different colors, with a ctue sculpty bow tie at the stomach. I also decided to throw in some black tape pasties for modesty. Purple, black and blue are my favorite colors out of the 6, which also shows my 3 favorite Drow skin tones as well: dark grey, dark purple, and dark blue.

In black wearing my Dark Grey Drow skin.

In blue wearing my Dark Blue Drow skin.

Gah! Ok now I'm done, these are my favorites, and I hope they become some of your Drow favorites in SL. Now it's late and time for bed, well maybe a little shopping 1st. Anyway nighty night!


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Friday, July 02, 2010

It's the 4th, so this means WAR!


Happy 4th of July! This week is a light and fun release. I decided that this Summer I will concentrate on fantasy and cosplay items @ Epic, so since Independence day is this weekend I was inspired to make camp uniforms this week! Why? Well this time of year growing up I always went to Summer camp, and considering the 4th is around the corner it seemed very fitting. And camp wars are fun too! We use to play all kinds of relay games, kickball and dodge ball games, and had all kinds of fun events! Anyway, on to the new releases!

(Click the image above to see on Xstreet.)

I wanted to make something sexy and casual to wear for Summer this week. For the most part I'm a pretty casual girl and I love how it looks. :D I'm not sure this kind of uniform is around much in SL, so I think it's a sexy take on a fresh idea. These come in 8 different colors, with a polo tee, campers tee, shorts & sculpty tie, and Tube socks. Now on the tube socks, I couldn't forget my Faun friends so of course I made a Faun version!

(Click the image above to see on Xstreet.)

These match the uniforms and changes 8 different textures. I think they look cute with my Faun av, so I hope you guys do too! These are the 1st pair of Faun feet that I'm using a texture changer, something I plain on using in a lot of my Epic accessories in the future. Now onto this weeks Gacha item favorite!

Last week I started to put Gacha vendors @ the store, so I'm still getting the hang of what I want put in them. I'm going to start putting all my cheapie noms in them. I think they are fun and very cute, and I love buying the stuff in them at other stores! :D Anyway, I made matching flashlights that has lightning bugs floating around them. The look way kyoot with the uniforms I think! Anyway, that's it for this week. I'm kind of proud of myself that I didn't bog you guys down with tons of info and releases this week. I think I finally managed a right balance, but not so sure the next release will be that way lol. So have an awesome and SAFE 4th of July! Talk to ya soon!


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