Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Eggies, RFL Clothing Fair Reflection & ZOMG my B-day is coming!


Wow! The RFL is already gone, can you believe it? And I think it's been a really great run this year too, (over 4.25 million Lindens raised!) I've also meet some really amazing people, had lots of laughs and good moments with friends and even got over 200 new Epic friends that joined our group! Oh and did I tell you I'm almost famous too! I'll explain later hehe. Anyways the Clothing Fair may be gone but me & Nyxi are working hard around the clock to bring some major radness from Epic & Fae Faire for the SL Relay For Life Fantasy Faire next month! This will be our 1st year at the Fantasy Faire and I'm excited! Soooo many new things will be debuting there from both of our stores! So definitely stay tuned! Because we all know Fantasy is our thang! =)

So, this past Friday we had a little release, lots of Easter cheapies, dollarbies, and new Kawaii Neko bits. Since my birthday falls on Easter I decided to make some really cute dollarbies and have a blowout Fae Faire Easter sale! Above are the ears I made, I also made an adorable bushy tail but you can see that at the main store. Everyone seems to be liking them and I'm very happy with them!

This is the Easter basket I made last year remixed! I managed to shave 11 prims off, upgrade and redo some textures and even added more seats! It's so adorable and you can find it for 50L in the seasonal section @ Fae Faire. Easter eggs, my funny bunny Easter rabbit hole, and this basket is all a part of the Easter blowout sale @ Fae Faire, so enjoy!

And now some time for RFL Clothing Fair Reflection...

We're famous! Well me & my friend Nyxi got our 2 seconds of fame, literally:

*RFL Clothing Fair 2010 You Tube Video*

We're about 1:54 minutes in, you can see us dancing there in the streets of New York the day before opening! I'm on the right, Nyxi is on the left. :D What was great about it is we got to shop at all the sims before opening! No lag, peace & quiet, and awesome tunes we requested. We even met DJ Splash, an awesome DJ who is a few seconds before us in the video.

So you want to see what I did during the week? Here's a few piccies!

That's Aranel, Nyxi and me on the right in the Rio De Janero Sim where Epic was. We're just hanging out there the day the sims opened to the public. On a side note there's me all Faunified, I think it's my favorite av to be of late. I love Fae but it really isn't conducive to building ans creating, my wings always gets in the way and I always tend to accidentally drag textures over them lol!

You can't see it above and behind us, but here's me and Nyxi right under the replica of Christ the Redeemer statue in the Rio sim. We're on ranting & raving boxes, it's why we look so mad lol. Oh and she's wearing one of my dresses that was available in the RFL Vendors too!

From the Left: Lynus, Andel, Me, Nyxi, we're dancing it up at DJ Splash's party on the main RFL Sim.

Now on to my cute stuff in the RFL Rio Fashion Show!

Yep, there's Pim Whimsy! I'm not happy with the fact that the model didn't listen to my instructions on how this outfit was NOT to be worn with shoes. Not only did she not listen to my instructions, she wore them with BUTT UGLY ones at that. I was not amused. I was very angry actually. You all know what standard I hold my Epic models to. I wish "professional" model agencies could do the same. So why am I pissed? See shoes are man made objects, Faeries wouldn't actually wear them. They may live in them and such but never, EVER wear them. It's why I hate the hooker Fae in stilettos of SL... They really need to get a clue. I purposely made Pim Whimsy to be worn without shoes. Since SL feet are so ugly I made stockings to cover them. Also one blogger who wrote about this outfit is actually wearing them with prim feet which looks great! I have prim feet too and it's the only thing I use if I'm not going to wear shoes. Anyway, I'm done complaining.. The point is, keep it natural and fresh that's what being Fae is all about! And in real life a model would be fired sooo fast for not listening to directions... So why can't that apply here to SL? I know I would never use her for any of my Epic stuff again. :p

I think this model did wonderfully! She wore everything the way I wanted and did a splendid job! This is my Kyoot Corset Dress with black Equestrian Bolero Jacket, oh and my Kyoot Rosie Heels. It's definitely one of my Spring favorites I made this season!

Lol, and here is me and Nyxi watching it all... It really was a good show and I didn't even crash considering how many people showed up!

So there you have it. What a crazy and definitely fun week! I'm writing this while I'm in my work box as we speak you know. I'm working on RFL Fantasy Faire stuff of course! I have some cute ideas I'm working out for Epic & Fae Faire. So talk to you soon, and stay tuned! =)


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Friday, March 12, 2010

OMG the 2010 RFL Clothing Fair is here!


And yes that's right it's Epic's 1st year here too! I've been working on something a little different but definitely fun the past few weeks and I'm launching it here of course! But I'll talk about that in a few. The pic above is of my stall that's in the Rio Dejanero Sim, and I think my stall totally kawaii! That's what I was aiming for hehe. Anyway my favorite sim build out of all of the RFL sims is New Delhi, it's gorgeous! It's just so warm, and colorful, and being a builder myself I really appreciate the builder's design and aesthetic. So if you want to stop by check Epic for a showcase, info and landmark to the sims, but you can't buy any of the new stuff there! The fair will be open all week long with lots of really awesome designers showcasing there, so check it out and buy some cute stuff that will help the American Cancer Society! Okies, on to the new stuff...

Introducing Rainbow Lite Brite! Like I hinted in my last post, these new dresses, gauntlets, boots, and headphones have a lot of adorable flashing lights and colorful pixie dust too! The dresses come in 7 colors with a special pink color that's in a RFL vendor at my fair stall. I would have to say right now the purple you see above is my favorite.

With the dress I also made a belt so you can wear the one piece like a very cute super hero! I would have to say it's a little rave and a little Neko inspired, something different from the fantasy stuff I usually do. And I love it! The boots comes in 8 different colors and they go great with lots of other things too!

I've been wearing them with leggings and hoodies, other bright and colorful dresses, lolita corsets with bustles, bikinis, all kinds of things, you really can wear them with a lot of stuff! And the most important thing for me about these accessories was that they had optional colorful pixie dust that you could switch out.

So there you have, my new stuffs! And I would have to see the best launch of this year so far so I hope you guys enjoy it! I'll be taking it slow next week and hanging at the fair so hopefully I'll see you guys there. Shop and have fun, it's for a good cause so it's worth it! Hope to see you there! *hugs*


PS~ I'll try to post my favorite pics of the fair up too, so you'll see them soon!

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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Gah, Clothing Fair Countdown...

Wow, it's hard to believe how close the Relay For Life Clothing Fair actually is! This being my first year in it and all, I'm really excited Epic will be getting a chance to help! I never really got to help RFL in SL this way & I can't wait! I've been busting my butt trying to get the new stuff I've been working on ready to go, and it's kinda one of the biggest "full" outfits I ever released. It's certainly colorful and bright, or shall I say brite? (That was a little hint by the way!) I wanted to release part of the items yesterday because I was so excited, but then I realized I just don't have the time to do that, or will not be doing justice with the pieces, so I'm going to debut this mini collection at the fair, what better way to do so right? And of course there will be one special outfit going into the RFL vendors, so you guys get a nifty new exclusive outfit, and the American Cancer Society gets the funds they need to fight cancer. It's a win, win in my book! Anyway I'll be in the Rio De Janeiro sim and I have no idea what it actually looks like yet, or have yet to get a "feel" for the place, so I'm wondering with all the other designers. So I know I haven't mentioned the blog earlier so here it is, the Relay For Life Clothing Fair, in Second Life Blog:

RFL Clothing Fair Blog

So I hope to see you guys there, but don't worry I'll remind you when it's about to open here and in my groups and such. So there you have right now I'm busy and VERY excited. Talk to you soon!


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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New FAUNtastic Stuff & Good Times!


Yesterday I released a whole new bunch of Spring stuff! Everything from new crop tees, leather waist belts, denim mini skirts & cutoffs, to (my favorite this release) new Faun ears, horns, and twitchy tails. Oh and more Spring dollarbie nom-noms! I figured it was about time I made more Faun accessories to go with all the Faun boots that are popular @ Epic! I've been crazy busy getting ready for the Relay For Life Clothing Fair (which is this month), and exploring SL & hanging with friends, that I wasn't able to release this stuff until yesterday. :( Anyway, it's here and you all seem to be happy with the new stuff so I am too! Anyway here are my favorites!

So as you can see I made a bunch of new horns, ears, and tails (not shown in this post). I wanted to do something a little more than just have the regular run of the mill horns, so I thought sweet sparrows holding twigs, daisy blooms & buds, and green Spring leaves would be a nice touch. There's not many Faun ears out there that I love so I've been wearing Elf ears until I made these. and I love them! Also I think these pieces will look great with the Titania's Court Faun AV which I have in a lot of colors my self when I'm Fantasy Faun rather than my usual Urban Faun. So to see them up close you can see them being modeled at the store or click the color demo in the display. I plan on making some more pierced ones for guys too, gah I have so much I want to make lol. Anyway, here are the Spring dollarbie noms, I think my favorite of the season that I made so far too!

These come in 5 colors and I think are really sweet looking, seems to be a favorite by you guys too! I also made denim mini skirts & cutoffs, and belts too this past week be my favorite out of these items have to be my basic sexy crop tees!

I decided to just stuff these sexy tees in a fat pack and discount them because they are just little itty bitty shirts. I've been wearing these a lot lately, and they are great for what I'm working on in my next release... I'm not gonna tell you yet though, you'll just have to tune in next time, but my only clue will be that it involves lots of lights & dancing! I've been doing that a lot lately since old friends are coming back to SL, and we are reminiscing of the days, years even, way before Epic & Fae Faire ever existed. So it's nice to blow off a little steam and be inspired all at the same time! So look here for more info inspired new stuff, some good old times and of course cuteness! Until next time, talk to ya soon!


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