Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm no idiot.


So get this. Around 2 nights ago I was about to log off when a customer messaged me with a problem. They said that they bought several of my garden night lights and none of them worked. I asked if the sim was turned to night and they say yes. See, I knew there was nothing wrong with them because those lamps are almost 2 years old. So if they were broken I would have troubleshooted them ages ago. Anyway they asked if I would like to see and I said sure. Once I got there I set my client to region default and sure enough the sim was not at night. Ok so no problem there. As I was looking around I noticed they had MY winter sim terrain I made in PhotoShop for my store sims. I asked them if you don't mind me asking, where did you get this sim texture... They said oh it was given to me... I then said well isn't that interesting considering I made that texture and it is exclusive to my sims... So they f%$king ripped it from me. Like I'm a f%$king idiot. I played stupid, took note of the sim, conversation, time and took a picture before they changed it, and then said well if this texture is being distributed I will file a DMCA with LL to get to the bottom of this. Then they tried to play if off, no worries we'll change it, and they did. I asked if they could give me a copy of the texture and this customer conveniently didn't have it in her inventory anymore. At this point I am sooo mad, I'm yelling around the house, poor Ara had to hear it all. mind you I'm still nice in type but still absolutely livid! They then asked if I did custom textures... Oh now they f%$king ask? I said sure I would do it for them, but that was 2 nights ago... With my Cubital Tunnel Syndrome still healing, that and a good nights rest I've come to the conclusion that they are LYING Assholes and they can go f%$k themselves. Rather than have revenge by making the texture, taking their money then giving the texture out for free... I just don't have enough energy or time to to even deal with it. I have lots of stuff I'm releasing this week, some of it Virtual Haiti Relief exclusives, lots of Valentine's Day stuff and more at Fae Faire & Epic, and the RFL Clothing Fair will be here before you know it. So whatever it's sooo not worth my time.


PS - Oh and I say right through you and your little friends' pathetic attempt to deflect by complimenting how my AV looked. Go f%$k yourselves!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who knew helping could look so cute?!


So the Virtual Haiti Relief Kiosks are finished and I put mine out at Fae Faire and Epic! I also got a vendor which this weekend I'll be filling it with my favorite creations and exclusive stuff that will be available ONLY in those vendors. I'm really excited about this! All proceeds go to a public designated alt which then will be given to Haiti relief organizations. So please visit the Virtual Haiti Relief website for more info on our SL in-world group, Twitter, Google group and Facebook group, or feel free to drop me a notecard and I'll pass you a donation package for you to get involved! I've been passing out the package to all my content creator friends and I know with all of us working together we really can make a difference! So look for some way cute new stuff coming your way from Epic and Fae Faire all made with love for Haiti relief!

My Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is healing up nicely, my arm gets tired when I overwork it, plus my hand and fingers still hurts and is a little numb, (meh nerve damage takes a long time to heal) but this week I will make all exclusive items while pacing myself. There's so much I want to create but sadly my hand can't keep up with my imagination at the moment. lol But slow and steady wins the race right? Oh and the t-shirt you see above is the freebie you get just by learning more, so click on a kiosk and you can look cute too! But don't forget to donate!


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Saturday, January 23, 2010

*Sigh* Finally Some New Stuffs!


LOL, it seems like it's been forever since I made Epic stuff! This Cubital Tunnel Syndrome has me slowed down. I've been doing special exercises and it seems like it's slowly getting better. We'll see! Looks like it's going to take a few weeks. :( Anyway, before I talk about my new stuff, I wanted to give a slight update on my last post. That horrible person I mentioned before decided they wanted a group again and had the nerve to join the new group and poach members, will attempt to anyway... They even sent me an invite! I was so mad, of course I declined, well they are not in the group anymore so I'm glad that's all over! I mean this is a charity for Haiti and they are acting like a kid in Jr. High School. :p Oh but on a positive note I got into this years Relay For Life Clothing Fair! I'm so excited that I can use my creativity to help another awesome cause! =) Ok onto my new stuff!

Above you are looking at my new Kawaii Graffiti Sneakers. I just love them! They come in 9 different colors and the laces and graffiti art changes 15 different colors! I wanted to do something a little street and urban you can mix n' match. Something I love to do in case you haven't figured that out! You can also see my new slouchie arm warmers which are kyoot too!

Above are my new jeans and retro sash belt. I wanted to make simple classic items you guys can build into your style if that makes any sense. So you can dress it up and dress it down, like geek to chic in a few clicks! :D I'm always trying to make stuff that goes well with my older items. It's so fauntastic!

Geek! You can see my new gathered stitched turtlenecks here, which I love too! They look great with my new jeans and last releases' kyoot designer black leggings. I wanted to make some more cute tops that goes with my Snow Bunny Down Vests which seems to be popular. Before I hurt my elbow I made some new manga chibi wings...

These are too cute! I made new falling star particles and a new HUD design. They were inspired from my Fae Faire Cartoon It! Collection. They actually look like they were drawn into Second Life. Meh my arm is starting to hurt. So that's all I have for now! I'm going to go rest and make something to eat. Until next time!


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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome & Virtual Relief...


So I haven't been missing just out of commission. :( A week ago I woke up with severe pain in my pinky and ring finger on my right hand... It's really upsetting because I'm a righty and I use it to make stuff :(. But I'm not going to throw a pity party. I'm doing conservative treatments, redid how I sit at my desk and hopefully it will get better. I'm also making myself work through the pain a bit because I don't want those muscles to get weak. So I have a crap ton of new stuff in my pockets I need to box and vendor and do the ads for at Epic. Which works out because it will also help Haiti! Woot! Saturday I joined in to support Virtual Haiti Relief, a SL organization that will be raising money to help Haiti. I'm hoping to get a lot of other content creators involved. I figure I can use my resources to generate more cash for the relief and I'm really happy I have the ability to do that! See there was a group that was started at the first meeting yesterday. Well last night the owner made a post all dramatic like how she can't see eye to eye with anyone. Basically showing her ass. It made me so mad because like me, she is a black women in SL and she was just freakin' embarrassing on so many levels. Black, being a woman, just being a general human being this LOSER couldn't put aside her petty differences to help people who really need it. Mind you I don't know what the drama was about but it all just seemed pathetic and silly. I muted them and banned them from my sims. I don't want that negative energy lurking around, especially when all these wonderful people here want to do something amazing to help people who really need it. But before I drop this and move on I want to say one thing. BITCH! You really do disgust me. At the very least you pass the ownership to someone else. You don't put up a huge dramatic stink and eject everyone from the group. I'm happy a new group was started and that you're not in it. We really don't need your negative energy. :p Ok done, now onto helping! :)


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Friday, January 08, 2010

A sooo cute gift!


Wow it's been a crazy week! Well right now I'm finishing up my new stuff I've been working on for Epic and figured it's time for another Epic Member Exclusive gift! So here it is! It's sooo cute! =)


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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fae Faire has Cartooned It!


That's right! I cartooned up the place. New prefabs, trees, furniture, flowers, grass and mushies all done in an ever so cute illustrated style! This week I started out with just cute cartoon trees but then the creativity started flowing and I came up with all kinds of new stuff! I've been concentrating so much on Epic that my Fae Faire releases are now really spaced out. But rest assured they will always be spectacular! I won't slap together prims to create junk just to release like I know some of my competitors do. :p I like to do what I'm inspired to do, so this week it happens to be mostly Fae Faire. I say mostly because I also made new wings this week which I'm hoping to release this weekend along with some other stuff. I'm so excited! Anway let me talk about some of my favorites of this release!

This by far is my favorite of the release! My Mini Faery Garden House Seat has all the usual bells and whistles like pixie dust and cricket sounds, but I've also added some new features to make this really special! Butterfly particles and a color changer that changes the tops of the mushrooms. Yay! I think these scripts will be a major part of the things I make in 2010 for Fae Faire. See I've been doing color changing options for ages at Epic and FINALLY occurred to me that it would be nice for Fae Faire too! That way everyone can change it up when they get bored and don't have to buy more stuff. I know that's crazy thinking about it on the business side of things but one thing I HATE that creators do in SL is not upgrade their items. As in they made something several years ago and are still trying to push it. Like when sculpts, lighting and flexi never existed kind of old. :p So me making color change options helps me streamline my stuff so I can constantly release and keep the new stuff coming. It's just silly nowadays to do 10 million recolors of a chair and sell each. It's sooo much easier selling one chair with lots of options, then when it gets old trash it and make a new one. It saves time, and money for me and my costumers. :) I also did made a Fae Faire Favorite Bug the Faeries Mushie Seat version too! It's very similar to the pic above so there's no sense in putting it up. But of course that has the color changer too. :D

And lastly this silly furniture! So the last Dollhouse display case is taken by this scene you see here! This is the first time I put texture changing AND color changing scripts in a Fae Faire build. So this is definitely the thing for me to do in 2010 I think. This stuff you see here was inspired by the prefab. I'm debating if I should make more, but I think I'll wait to see how everything sells to see if it worth it. The prefab is one of my smaller ones and is more for art and design rather than function. So there's not much room to pt a lot of furniture inside. I just wanted to put something out there that was a little different from the usual crap you see around. I see it more as a place to spend time alone or with friends, like a cozy place to gather. Anyways I have some RL chores and errands to run, PLUS I want to see if I can finish my Epic stuff for another release this weekend. So time to jet!


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Friday, January 01, 2010

New stuffs for the new year!


Happy New Year! I cleared all the holiday stuff out this week on both sims, but kept the sims snowy for now. I really like the cute winteriness (That's not a word lol.) I have going on, so I'll keep it up for now. Anyways on to the new stuff! As you can see I made stuff to go with my Snow Bunny Down Vests, 14 cute and grungy hoodies, designer print leggings, color changing ballet flats and slouchie leg warmers, aviator glasses and yadda yadda yadda. Basically I made a bunch of stuffs! The pic above was taken at Sinistyle. I really love the grunge look the sim has and I wanted to take a picture in a not-so-cutesie environment which is pretty much my stores. So now I will show you some of my favorites of today's release!

I think these are my best leggings ever! I think I like them more than the other ones I made. I wanted to make some black leggings with designer prints on them and I think they came out great! Stripes, stars, writings, dots, cross-hatched patterns I came up with that will give a kyoot yet subtle look to anything you wear with them. I love mixing things up so you'll really get something different when wearing these!

These are so cute! I love them so much and they color change! Even though I revamped my Grunge Pixie Chucks for the release this week these ballet flats are my fave! And they look ever-so-cute with my new kyoot leggings. I'm really happy with how all this new stuff turned out. I think it's a nice way to kick off the new year. And I'm already working on new stuff. There's so much I want to do and have on deck. Urban grunge role play accessories, new fantasy Fae outfits, steam punk dresses, wings, faun stuffs, and I want to add some more guy stuff to the store, I've been getting a lot of requests for more guy Fae stuff. Thing is, as I said before to do that I have to jump into Ara's skin, hair, and shape, and I REALLY don't like that! lol Soooooo lots to do! So I am very excited! Oh and all this clothing talk doesn't mean I'm leaving Fae Faire behind. I'm constantly adding stuff there, I just don't think it's worth mentioning every little thing lol. I think at the moment I'm more proud of my clothing and accessories.


Happy New Year Second Life!


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