Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oooo, the holidays are a comin'!


And are you ready? I'm trying to be anyway... There's so much to do on both sims, so far I made a new sim snow terrain texture, and finished decorating Vanima Shee. I'm having HORRIBLE inventory issues and having a hard time finding some of my favorite holiday stuff I made last year. :( Hopefully, I will get everything sorted out this weekend. Anyway, above is what is done so far. So *Epic* is pretty much finished. Yay! And so much more to come too! I want to gun out all the holiday decorating and setting up of Fae Faire's holiday section, because I have LOTS of new *Epic* holiday stuff coming out next week. Okies talk to ya soon!


Posted by Jade at 4:08 AM

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