Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cyber-newness & some humble pie?

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Okies, before I go into the new releases all I'm going to say is what goes around, comes around. You know who you are, and now you are eating humble pie. AND you deserve what you get so enjoy that pie and try not to choke on it as your sim closes! Ok, on to the new releases! This week started out with me wanting to make better hoodies than I made a year ago. And once again an idea spiraled into a big release, yay! This week I have Cyber/Scifi/Anime infused elements in this release and something for my guys too!

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This is my new Basic Snug Hoodie set! It's available in 9 different colors and comes with a belted version as you see in the picture. After making these sets, I was then inspired to make thigh high mech boots. (I'll talk about those in a bit.)

This bundle of cuteness is called Missing You... I was going for a Scifi/Anime feel. It's how I see these being worn in my head. As in set in the future, but not heavy Scifi, but basic everyday clothes you might wear in the future. Now on to those boots!

Rosie Splendor baby and my Mechanical Mega Stompers! These you can only get in-world @ the main store. I absolutely LOVE these boots! First because they are the highest boots I have made so far, see I wanted to make some thigh-high boots, ans second the fans spin! That's right all the fans rotate, even on the bottom of the boots. And finally! Baggy pants...

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I've been tinkering around with baggy pants in my head for months, and finally I decided to make some. I wanted to stay away from the really LOUD and tacky baggy club pants that's out there today, and make something that will look good on guys and girls. These pants have straps, a belt, mp3 player, handheld game, and animated radar lights that change 8 different colors with a simple click. The fans on the boots and pants spin too! Oh and of course I made 2 different sizes for the tall and short avatars out there. And now onto this weeks favorite!

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If you haven't already guessed by now, the fact is I love adding cheapie nom-noms to my releases! And this one is very unique! Inspired by my drag n' drop Polaroid nom-noms, my new Old Mech Digital Frame nom-nom has the same idea but with a futuristic feel. What's great about it is all the fans spin and the screen actually flickers which I think is a nice touch. So I hope you guys like it! Phew that's it, I think I managed to keep it semi-short and sweet! I hope you love my new stuff, and talk to you soon!


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