Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Oh how the mighty Emerald has fallen...


I couldn't go by without saying anything on this subject. See I use to be one of Emerald's biggest fan gurls. I LOVED Emerald, spoke it's praises, thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now? All I have to say to the developers: HOW DARE YOU? See I didn't understand what a Denial of Service attack actually was until my boyfriend who is a computer programmer explained it to me, I was pretty much on the fence, now I'm angry, VERY angry. I read the chat logs between your developers, some came across as selfish basement virgins with god complexes, actually not talking some, only 1. (I appreciate the 2 that were kind enough to step down in order to save Emerald) Anyway, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You guys should consider yourself lucky that LL is giving you a chance to fix these mistakes and not take any other action legally, since Denial of Service attacks in a lot of countries are illegal. Their "demands" are VERY reasonable. It's just good business to have real life identity and contact info of all 3rd party viewer developers, ESPECIALLY when some of those developers have proven to be quite shady in the 1st place. So 1st I thought hearing about the end of Emerald was just very very sad, now I say good riddance. If you don't want to right all the wrongs you've made, and since you duped Emerald users into thinking you guys were legit then LEAVE. And I hope the door hits you in the ass on your way out too.


PS- More info can be found here.

Posted by Jade at 10:34 PM

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