Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Something For My Boys!


Well it's here! Finally! I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet! *Epic Men* by Jaden Lexico is officially open for business! I would have released this stuff last weekend but boohoo my alt av wasn't old enough to post on Xstreet. After some grumbling, fist shaking and tickets to LL everything is now worked out. So I'm really excited to get the ground running on this! Mind you, making Mens clothes won't be my primary focus, but I plan on doing a lot more now that I opened the lid on this new direction! ANYWAY, here's my favorites of this opening release! Oh! And I promise to also have Mens gifts available in the Epic VIP paid group now. Ok, NOW on to the releases...

Of course I had to start out with Faun Jeans! Above is my take on how I see Urban Male Faun fashion. I'm also wearing unisex Nerd glasses, and a Raggy Button Hobo Scarf, all availalbe in the accessories section of the new department.

This is also my fave pic of this release, the hat/hair is from CheerNo and reminds me sooo much of Duckie from the movie Pretty In Pink. I think it goes with my new stuff perfectly! I'm wearing my Skeletorn (name inspired from He-Man) V-Neck sweater in black, with my Wrinkled & Ripped Distressed Jeans in Light Vintage, my tied button under shirt (specifically made to go under jacket layer shirts), AND my new color changing checkered chucks.

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Now Skeletorn comes in 8 colors and divided into 2 fat packs. I would have to say these are my favorites out of the style. I love them so much I decided to feature them on Xstreet.

[Click above to see on Xsteet!]

I made all of these V-necks in 3 styles, now that you have seen Skeletorn, I would have to say these are my second favorite out of the sets, in these colors too!

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Here they are! I think the best of the bunch this week! These Faun Jeans are available in 4 colors and 2 styles, and sold in singles and fat packs with a Viewer 2 set and alpha included. And yes we have jeans for you Urban Elves out there!

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These jeans comes in 4 colors like the Faun jeans, but come in 3 styles. What's great about them is not only are they well made and affordable, they come with 2 styles of jean cuffs for a slightly baggy leg look, and a neat folded up look. Okies, more shirts!

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I also made Polo shirts this week and these are my favorite of the 2 sets. Kinda going for an Emo surfer look.

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And now something for completely different. On Jade I've made cute baseball tees in the past for guys and girls. So, since I love baseball tees so much, and they never go out of style, I wanted to make something a little nerdy, since I heart nerds! Anyway, I absolutely heart Albert Einstein! So there you have it! They also come in another color 4 pack but I like these the most.

Lol, and finally here's me and myself! Wearing my new unisex raggy button hobo scarves. They come in 16 colors and you can find them in the accessories section in the Mens area.

So that's it! As you can see I'm trying to take all my favorite things that I like to see guys in and mash them up into something else. This release was definitely nery emo boy inspired! Well I really hope you like it!

Until next time!


PS- I noticed the a lot of Mens clothes are EXPENSIVE! So with that said, just because it's hard to find high quality clothing for Men does mean it's right to mark prices up because of this. So, I will sell my items in the same price ranges as I sell my Womens items depending on what it is.

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