Friday, July 30, 2010

A little less T, a lotta more A!

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Well I'm going to try to keep the text short since I have more pics this week, lol I have a lot of faves! So the week started out with me trashing my old Skull Fetish ballet flats & stilettos. (The previous week I dumped the matching capris and jackets.) Anyway, so last Sunday I made all these new cute shoes and didn't have a thing clothing wise to go with them. After 2 days of disgruntled mumbling and trial and error, then trashing those errors I'd managed to whip these up. What can I say I LOVE them! Oh, lol forgot to mention the name, the collection is called Skully Bow and it's in 8 different colors. Ok here goes!

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The Skully Bow Collection features turtleneck rompers, mini top hats, ballet flats, wedges, and Faun stockings. I kinda wanted to give them a little Steampunk feel with a kawaii twist, so I added kawaii skulls to the bows and flexi ties. What is special about these outfits is that I usually concentrate on making boobies look good, I never really made anything that accentuates the backside. So even though a lot of your avatar is covered, the romper is skin tight and shows a little crack in the back. And yeah your boobs still look good too! :p

If you remember, months ago I wanted to make a lot of stuff that was easy to mix and match with other things from Epic, and these definitely fit the bill! They go great with my kawaii chibi chibi boots and my smexy black lace gloves!

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I loved this set so much I decided to feature the black set on Xstreet! Oh on a side note we upgraded out connection again to the fastest out there these days, Uploading is soooo fast too! So I uploaded a bunch of pics for the Xstreet pages instead of just have the regular lonely on pic up.

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Now here's something new. These Faun stockings change 8 different colors and are exclusively matched to this collection! I didn't want to use the usual 15 color changer because not all the colors would have matched. So, I think from now on I will be making my themed Faun boots & stockings like this to make the Faun section of Epic more streamlined. Now for shoes!

I never really show shoes that much but I'm so happy with how these turned out. They can go with all kinds of other clothes too! You don't have to be locked into wearing them with the rompers.

So these pretties will now replace my old Skull Fetish shoes, not only do they look so much better, they are cheaper too! So now let's end on a sweet note!

Gacha, gacha, gacha! Last week I made these kawaii cuppycakes for Fae Faire that I wanted to put in nom-nom form. I think when I made the huge ones, the noms were want I really wanted. The kawaii faces are very similar to my kyoot toast nom-noms. Since y'all love those so much I figured why not? So you can find these for only 5L in a new Gacha vendor. Phew that's it for now! Now I'm off to watch the season premiere of Project Runway. I can't wait to see what kind of designers are on this season! Usually my fave wins, like Seth Aaron did last season! Oh and to play some Animal Crossing on my Wii too. So toodles and until next time! Oh and here's a quick hint for the next release, I'm thinkin' wings!


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