Saturday, July 10, 2010

Drow wha? And 1 Linden Leeches!


This is the SECOND time I'm writing this entry because I lost the text. I'm rather upset about it but hey, what can you do? I wrote A LOT. I'm in the middle of cooking and I haven't eaten much all day so I'm hungry and very annoyed that this happened. Well, now I will try to keep this short and sweet since I have to talk about this release, and my plans for Epic in the future all over again. Ok next month I'm making a Epic VIP group. It will cost 250L to join, and my lucky boards will offer high quality gifts as prizes ONLY to the group and special discounts on exclusive items that will only be offered to this group as well. Why? Because I want to give back to the real Epic supporters. Don't get me wrong I'm happy people love my cheapies & dollarbies, but it really isn't fair to my customers who help keep Epic running and me going. You know the ones buying the stuff that's more than 1 Linden? Why should they be getting the same gifts and discounts as people just passing through? So there you have it. Oh and I will be making a Flickr group next month too! I already have an account, but I figure this will be a great way to get to know the creative side of my customers. Woot! Anyway, on to the releases! But before I start... Here's some pictures I messed with this release. Since this is all about Drow this week, I figured why not do something fun? This week I decided to go for a slightly futuristic feel to my images. See, I see Drow if there was no Eilistraee or Lloth, as sleek and sexy creatures who love fast cars and sexy clothes. So here they are!

Here you can see my Smexy Black & Bowie Gloves. I think they are this weeks favorite. :D Favorite pic too!

Is this fiction? It's the name of the image and I also really love this picture too. It kinda has a scifi feel to it. Anyway, NOW on to my favorite items of this release!

So I haven't been Drow since 2006. See I use to have lots of Drow skins but kinda stopped being Drow when the photo realistic trend started taking off in SL. So I just stopped wearing the ones I had. It wasn't until last month when I launched Epic Skins I decided we need some sexy skins out there. Good enough for me to want to be Drow again, and I LOVE them! I would say Dark Grey is my fave out of the bunch. The skin tone bundles comes in 6 tones, with 6 makeups and an extra cleavage skin for each. It's the standard I set for all my skins. So I couldn't have skins without making some clothes to go with them! So then I decided I should make some clothes to go with these skins, and then accessories, and then start to make too much for this release, so I had to stop myself. lol Ok, so just click these pics below to see them on Xstreet.

I never really made a pants outfit before, so I this will be the 1st. I think it's really sexy. I'm also wearing my favorite skin from the Drow collection, Dark Grey & Aqua Makeup. Ok, now dresses!

These Ribbon Halter Mini dresses has to be the most revealing EVER at Epic so far. They come in 6 different colors, with a ctue sculpty bow tie at the stomach. I also decided to throw in some black tape pasties for modesty. Purple, black and blue are my favorite colors out of the 6, which also shows my 3 favorite Drow skin tones as well: dark grey, dark purple, and dark blue.

In black wearing my Dark Grey Drow skin.

In blue wearing my Dark Blue Drow skin.

Gah! Ok now I'm done, these are my favorites, and I hope they become some of your Drow favorites in SL. Now it's late and time for bed, well maybe a little shopping 1st. Anyway nighty night!


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