Saturday, July 17, 2010

Doll Play & Some Good Ol' Relay...


That's right, another week has gone by, and as promised new stuff! It's also Relay For Life Weekend, so this release worked out perfectly with being able to put something new in my RFL vendor. Woot! So I hope you like the teaser pic above, I wanted to give it a creepy The Shinning feel. That's me and my evil twin. :p Meh we're both evil. Anyway onto the releases!

(Click image above to see on Xstreet.)

So alas my original Dolly Patches Outfit has been officially retired. Can you believe it's already been a year? I've been wanting to do some more doll stuff since I made dollie skins earlier this Summer and I've been playing around with ideas ever since. I was walking around the store taking a mental inventory of what needed to be upgraded and changed, or just plain trashed, when I got the idea to do Dolly Patches over. I love the concept, but I've gotten better at clothes over the past year so it was time to do it some justice. So, Epic proudly presents Dolly Patches Deux! This new outfit comes in 8 different colors, and has LOTS of options and some Faun accessories too! I'm really proud of it, but the work was a little time consuming. See, this set has sooo many pieces that even though I triple-checked everything, I really hope the are boxed right. LOL Here's hopin'! =) Just click the image above to see the Xstreet listing of what it all includes, I'm trying very hard to keep this post short.)

Now for my special RFL Vendor item.

Since purple is a Relay For Life color, I figured why use it as this a item for this weekends Relay? Doing this is very special to me, and I'm happy I can use my creativity to further cancer research. Since the weekend is the culmination of the RFL charity season, I think this will end it on a very nice note! You can see this dress in my RFL vendor at the main store and my team's campsite at the weekend long event. SO RELAY! Woot!

(Click image above to see on Xstreet.)

Doll keys anyone? I love doll keys, and I know it's nothing new, but I decided to put some falling heart particles in mine to make them a little different. They come in 4 different colors and you can turn the turning on and off with a simple click. I think gold is my favorite. =)

Dollie Faun! One of the best parts of this new outfit is the bloomer shorts. I always though bloomer shorts would be perfect for Faun. I plan on making a lot more in all kinds of styles this Summer too! Anyway, I made some Faun stockings to compliment these new outfits. There's garter belts in the pack to wear with all of Epic's Faun Boots. Just click the image below to see it better on Xstreet.

(Click image above to see on Xstreet.)

Ok, that's it for now! I'm gonna rest a little this weekend, maybe even hang out at the RFL sims with friends. But my head is already churning about next weekends release. One word: Fairy. Okies talk to ya soon!


PS- Oh and yes my blog got a new look. Like it?

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