Friday, July 23, 2010

Can I Get A YAY For Cosplay?!


Wow, I'm actually on time this week! The store is ready, the models are dressed, the notices have been sent and we're good to go! Woot! Ok, so I will try my very best to keep this short and sweet! As I hinted last week, I finally got around to redoing my Tinkerbell costumes! The old ones have been retired and deleted from Xstreet & the store, it's time to move on to better things I say! So now onto this weeks faves of this release! Above & below you'll see Epic's latest nom-nom that is inspired from the new outfits!

Just click above to see on Xstreet. My Tink's Tragic End Nom-nom has the usual, twitching wings you can turn on and off and falling Pixie dust, but the BEST part is the adorable Tinkerbell shoe. I just learned how to make sculpty prims into nano size so I used it here. I think it's sooo cute! Now onto the outfits!

These new outfits have a completely new look from the old ones. I made the ballet shoes with pearls this time around because the more recent drawings of Tinkerbell has pearls and not fuzzy poofs. But my absolute favorite part of these new fairy outfits would have to be the particle wand. Lol I had a hard time articulating what I wanted Ara to make particle-wise for the wand, but He managed to make every script I wanted though. After I finished it he was really surprised it came out so pretty, he thought it was going to be lame. :p His words not mine lol. Well just click below to see them in my Fairy Costume section on Xstreet. They come in 8 different colors and also includes flapping flexi wings, and a naughty and nice version of the dress in each set.

Ok, now onto some Anime, Manga, Sci-fi stuff!

I would have to say these are my favorite boots at the moment. And lately I've been REALLY into rompers. I plan on making a bunch more in the future! So I started the week with making these boots you see... My Black Bowie Chibi Chibi boots come with falling kawaii stars, pretty much made for smaller av's but I think they would fit giants too lol. The 2 clothing sets below were inspired by these boots. I was trying to go for something fantasy, futuristic and very cute. I love it, and I hope you do too!

Just click above and below to see these outfits on Xstreet. See, I wanted to do something really really cute and really really sexy, so I think these 2 sets accomplish that. They both come with sculpty bows with flexi ties that are also in the boots too.

Ok well that's it. I hope this was short enough for ya! Wow this month is wrapping up quick! Not sure what I will tinker with next week, but as promised the Flickr group and Epic Vip group will be coming your way very soon! So until then, have fun and stay cute!


PS- In case you didn't know what Cosplay was, it's short for "costume play".

Posted by Jade at 12:01 PM

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