Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Skins Are In!


Well weeks of work finally paid off. Epic Skins are here! (Shapes coming soon!) Woot! I'm so excited! I have the models wearing some of them as we speak. I really hope you guys like em! This is my Emo Gurl skin shown above, I would have to say it's one of my favorites of the debut. I think since there are awesome photo-realistic designers out there like LAQ & Redgrave I think I will focus my skins on kawaii, fantasy and cosplay. So definitely stay tuned! So this release was the debut of my skins and some cute dresses, shoes & accessories. Anyway here are the highlights! Yay & in all my Ad pics I'm using Epic skins!

Electric Blonde-I wanted to make a fun and fresh skin pack that was inspired by one of my recent releases of Electric L.O.V.E. Leggings and Poison Racerback Tees. These come in 6 tones and 6 makeups, with a cleavage skin for each.

Dollie Doll-One of Ravyn's favorites, mine too! This one is special because I already have LOTS of dresses in mind for this skin collection. What's great about it is that it goes good with fae clothes & doll clothes. But honestly what makes it so dear to me is that I haven't seen doll skins available in a dark tone. Not shown above however, I made this skin in a chocolate skin tone which I love. The tone reminds me of a porcelain doll my mom gave me when I was growing up. These skins are available in 6 tones & makeups with a cleavage skin for each.

Bollywood Baby! When I started this Bolly Gurl set I was trying to go for a African American look but it was turning Indian to me so I went with it. This set has makeups in lots of bright colors, all inspired by Bollywood. I even have one makeup with a fashion Bindi. I tried to make the makeups usable in lots of outfits like Fae and fantasy, I think it really works! Now onto clothes and shoes!

Click image above to see these dresses on Xstreet!

My new Tic-Tac-Toe Rosie Mini Ballet Dresses are absolutely my favorite of the Summer season so far! I made the dresses with a black and white top to switch out for any mood. I think it can work great as a fresh and flirty casual dresses, of a sexy and sophisticated formal cocktail dress.

Click image above to see these dresses on Xstreet!

Hehe looks great with Epic Skins too! These dresses comes in 8 colors and has a adorable rose attached to the waist. In store you will find accessories also inspired by these dresses. We have mod rose sandals (which are in the Lucky chair right now) shown with the yellow dress above, Rosie Color Changing Ballet flats AND studded Mary Janes that can color change 15 different colors too! But my favorite of the accessories this release? My cheapie Black Lace Sunglasses!

These sleek glasses were inspired by some adorable lace glasses I saw Rihanna wearing on the red carpet. So I wanted to translate them into SL to go with my new dresses. I LOVE them! And I hope you do too! Anyways that's it for now, I'm tired lol. And next week I want to get started on some new skins & cosplay dresses all before the Xstreet changes on the 30th. Gah then I will have to fix all my listings, but at least we're getting store fronts! Woot! Anyway until next time, and keep enjoying your Summer!


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