Friday, June 11, 2010

New Stuff & a New Store? (Well Kinda...)


A new store? Well sorta... We've decided to start offering fantasy short shapes, AND fantasy skins! I'm hoping for them to have a teen, young and fresh look with lots of neat options thrown in. Modern with an a little bit of fantasy, you know, what Epic is about. I think I can do it & Ravyn's going to be making the shapes. See, I've been asked a lot about my shape I made and I think it's about time we helped people to make smaller sized shapes that are in proportion. Fae, Pixie-like ever so kawaii ones! So what you see at the store is the new section for this new direction, and we're very excited! I've spruced up the store changing lots of textures, and the layout, and I must say, I REALLY love it! The face lift I gave the store really is doing wonders. Well at least it's not nagging me anymore lol. Here's a shot of it, it really makes the store look fuller and brightens it up a bit inside too!

I took out the cheapies garden. *gasp* I know, but I think it's about time we offer a certain standard of clothing. My old stuff was nice for what it was, but now I've learned a lot and I think everyone deserves a certain level of quality, so here we are! I also cut back the back rooms of the store and added the windows you see here to the entrances of those sections. I hope you like it! Anyway, now on to the new stuff!

(Click image to see on Xstreet!)

Rockabilly time! I've been in a country kind of way lately and these pretties just morphed into what you see here! I looked at a lot of vintage sun dresses, and I hope I remained true to the concept of rockabilly. When making these dirty old rockabilly dresses, I was picturing June Carter in my head just singing away looking ever so cute, so this is what I got. I would say that these are one of my favorite items I made this Summer season. The come in 10 different colors with each being very unique unto itself. So adorable! I started cowboy boots many months ago, but just haven't felt inspired to rework them, and this dresses sure did help! So you can wear them with cowboy boots or Faun stockings!

Of course I had to make dirty stockings to match! My Faun Fushion Country Bowie Stockings I absolutely love, because of the patches. I wanted to make a way for Faun to wear my rockabilly dresses too so I came up with a country Faun look. The bows change 15 different colors and have my new sculpty hooves in the pack instead of my old ones. Oh and it's the cheapest pair we have in the store! Click the picture to see on Xstreet. And now for some Summer hotness!

New poison Racerback tanks and designer leggings! I've been soooo tired of making regular tanks, that I decided to go for a racerback which we don't have at the store. Well we do now! They come in 3 fat packs and I would have to say this electric pack is my favorite. And I think it's yours too! You can't really see it in this picture but there are nipples too for an extra sexy look! These are my favorite tops at the moment because you can do so much with them.

Just click the image above to see on Xstreet. In the promo card you'll also see leggings for Faun too! I had to make something to go with these new tanks that is all Fauny! But my favorite out of all the leggings I would have to say my L.O.V.E. leggings! I made these specifically to match the electric pack of racerbacks and I really loves these too! You really can mix it up and have fun with these colors, they really compliment each other so well!

Just click the picture to see on Xstreet. And my Summer nom-nom favorite is Yummie Ices! You know, like the Flavor-Ice you use to eat during the Summer when you were growing up? Can't forget those! These are really cheap at the store (5L!) so you won't find them on Xstreet.

So there you have it! Now on to working on skins and such. I'm putting some clothing ideas I have and Fae Faire's annual Summer of Love sale on hold to launch this. I'm really excited that we're going in this direction! It's only going to get better from here. Woot! So until next time! Happy Summer!


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