Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today has been a good day!


I've been a little burned out lately so I've been taking a break. (Been playing a little WoW.) Every day though I log in to check my messages. When I logged in earlier today I noticed Epic had a lot of people there. I mean waaay more than usual. I didn't think much of it, but I just found out why... We made the Second Life Community Showcase! Yay! LL loves us, and I'm soooo happy! This is what it says:

"With such a bright, dazzling build, it's easy to forget that Epic Wings and Clothing carries a wide variety of fantasy-inspired shoes, shirts, and accessories that are great for the fashion-forward elf."

*Sigh* This just inspires me to work even harder. I've had a few clothing ideas swirling in my head and will start tinkering later in the week. Woot! Here's a random thought to this post... Who ever thinks there's only so much you can do in Fantasy in SL, or in anything else that is in Second Life or real life for that matter, truly doesn't understand the power of the creative mind. We wouldn't have any new art, television, films, music, books, video games... Anything that captivates us as a civilization and society. There would be nothing new, no new ideas, or theories, or breakthroughs, we'd just be sitting around bored and lifeless. So what I'm saying is, I try to come up with new things to bring a different view to SL. I try to challenge myself and hopefully other content creators here to bring something fun and interesting to your SL experience. Lol, I'm my own worse enemy and I don't think I'm not even close to being there yet, but it's really nice to see that other people are feelin' what I'm trying to do. Anyways, today has been a good day! =)


Posted by Jade at 7:30 PM

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