Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Hotness!


It's Memorial Day Weekend and we have LOTS of Summer hotness with a lot of new stuff on sale too! My goal lately has been to not put too much stuff in my releases so rather than making stuff on top of stuff, I've cut myself off at a certain point to not overwhelm you guys lol. So I think I did a pretty good job this week. Okies here are my favorites of this release!

Black Tape Pasties, only 25L. Yeah I know, it's been done but I've been tinkering with black tape pasties on and off since last summer and FINALLY have ones I really like. Right now they are only on the 3 layers, but I plan on putting them on the tattoo layer when Emerald's 2012 client is out of beta. It really is too much of a hassle to hop on to Viewer 2 since the cache is in a different place and all my huds, clothes and attachments mess up in the process. But look for it soon! I will also be retiring my old tats, and will be making a lot more items for Viewer 2 as well. On to tops, there's 8 of them and they are very HAWT.

Pushed Up Naughty Bad Girl Tank Tops. I started these first in the release, I loved them so I figured I would make everything this week to compliment them. Very hot and sexy for Summer and only 20L! The black skull one is my fave. :D I couldn't make tops without making some sexy jeans to match...

My Faun Jeans have really been gaining popularity so I decided to take the destroyed version and make some for Elfies. I love them, they are sexy and very versatile. I like mixing them up with all kinds of clothes, shoes, and accessories. Speaking of Faun:

Color Changing Slouchie Leg Warmers! My friend was wearing some cute Neko slouchie socks with paws and my Mushie Star Jeans, and I thought wouldn't it be neat to make them for Faun! So why not some to go with my Faun Jeans? So here they are! I made them the same price as all my other slouchie socks since they are add-ons to my Faun Jeans. I already used these textures I made in my stripey arm warmers and these you see here, so of course I had to make regular ones for everyone not so Faun inclined...

So lastly stripey socks and Kawaii Graffiti Bowling shoes which are my favorite shoes to wear at the moment. These shoes where fun to make because I made a alpha gradient texture on the sides that gives the shoes a neat shaded and highlighted effect. I also love them because the graffiti is cute too! Oh and it's like getting 15 pairs of shoes in one and you can mix them up too, that's how I wear them. :D Anyways, that's it for now, I hope you liked this kawaii punk inspired release! It's the mood I've been in lately lol. Okies by for now!


Posted by Jade at 8:25 PM

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