Friday, May 07, 2010

A Little Fae Wonder...


Two weeks ago, in a post I set out to make a new Fae outfit wanting to just be better. And I think I did it! People have been asking when I was planning on making more Fae clothes and I can honestly say I'm in full Fae mode! So many new Fae things have me inspired lately! I guess I'm just getting back to my roots. :D Anyway, above here you see my new La Fee Rose (the fairy rose) in pink (Click the image to see it on Xstreet). As I said in my post 2 weeks ago, I wanted to really showcase my prim work, and woot it's finally done! These prim attachments took lots of hours tweaking and setting up to make sure your eye is drawn around the body and showcasing good angles that compliment the silhouette. I'm in LOVE with it! It comes in 8 colors, with hand-painted and highly-detailed textures, and the wings I made especially and exclusively for this outfit! They are flexi, they flap and you can turn them on and off with a simple chat command! So it's all out now and being modeled at the store and is available on Xstreet. Man the attachments were work, I had to work on it and then take a break, going back and forth like that because the detail was really important to me. So I'm soo happy with it! Right now I'm wearing the green with my Pixie Lite wings because building they don't get in the way lol.

This was the one that started it all! I tweaked this dress until it was perfect then worked on the recolors. Just click to see it on Xstreet. Now on to dollarbie nom-noms...

I made Rose n' Blood dollarbie nom-noms to match! These also come in 8 different colors with each matching a dress. I couldn't just make another flower nom-nom without adding something a little different, it just didn't look finished to me. So, I decided on putting a drop of blood to add a little drama, after all thorns are sharp.

And finally a new little Fae Hideaway! I just learned how to edit my RAW terrain file in Photoshop, so I copied the small heart island in the corner of the sim, made it a little smaller, and then put the copy on the other side. Taking a cue from what we did at this years RFL Fantasy Faire, I decided to make a little Fae hideaway where you all can dance and hang out! Everything there is also available at Fae Faire to buy. I wanted a place to dance like me and my friends use to do in the old days, it really is relaxing! We haven't put a dance ball out yet but look for one in the next couple of days. :D There's butterflies, glowy grass, mushies, and flowers and plenty of seats and Pixie dust. I really hope you enjoy it! So that's all my Fae stuff for now! Already dreaming up the next stuff hehe! Until next time!


Posted by Jade at 6:10 PM

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